Having a rubbish week? (what to do)

I’m a bit behind schedule this week.

Been a bit under the weather

Which meant that I slept a bit more than normal.

And I haven’t had the best week so far…

In term of food and fitness…

Now, I’m not after a sympathy vote (although sympathy is welcome haha)

But you know why I’m sharing this with you?

Because every transformation and every success story involved RUBBISH weeks

I can guarantee that all of the ladies HERE have had a ‘rubbish week’ and felt like giving up before.

And I can guarantee that they’ve all lost motivation….

But you know the difference?

Well, you get what you put focus on …

So if you’re constantly focussing on what you’re doing rubbish…

Saying this like:

“I’m rubbish”

That is how you will you feel..

And what you’ll get..

It’s like when a naughty school kids gets all of the attention.

What do they do?

Do it again…

and do it more!!

And the truth is:

How you feel impacts what you DO..which impacts your…


And – potentially –

your happiness…

The best part?

You are in control of this…

If you accept that a ‘rubbish week’ is simply feedback..

Ask yourself:

A rubbish week compared to what?

Are you comparing your ‘rubbish week’ to this illusive ‘perfect week’ which you’re not even sure exists?

If you say things like ‘I should do better’, I can guarantee you don’t really know what you want to achieve…


Haven’t quite considered what truly makes you happy with this health and fitness stuff..

I mean, one of the ladies I work with lost 9lbs in 4 weeks..

But then put on 3 when she was away for a weekend…

She was pi55ed off…

But here’s the things:

She’s still 6lbs down…

and she went for an awesome weekend away, where she enjoyed her food and drink…

The best part?

a bit of consistency again and it’ll come straight back off..

the issue is if you use this feedback and call it FAILURE…

And just give up…

I mean, you could just ‘do better’…

But that would probably mean never going away for the weekend

And giving up the foods you love..

And your social life?

Is that really ‘healthy’?

And will that really make you happy?

Feel better about yourself?

That’s it for today.

​​We’ve got an arms and bum session for the ladies this morning before our mindfulness session with Carol 🙂

Matt ‘happily having a rubbish week’ Fruci

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