‘have you packed my shorts?’

‘have you packed my shorts?’

So last weekend

We went for a little night away in a campervan with the kids. 

Just to the Cotswolds.

Now, as usual, there was me rushing back

And Mrs Fruci has everything sorted..

But my shorts…

You see, our plan was just to chill at the campsite

Enjoy the weather.

The green space

And there was no swimming pool anyway.

But I thought,

“What if we go to the Lakes?”

Let’s take shorts just in case .

So I decided to pack my shorts for swimming…

I had ONE thing to remember. 

One thing..


Low and behold

When we go there.

We checked in / parked up the van..

And saw a map..

Now, I haven’t read a map since GCSE Geography…

But I managed to work out that we were close to the open air Swimming pool in Cirencester..

The kids had their swimming stuff

So I went to my bag to grab my shorts and…

I forgot my shorts…

It was one of those moments..

Now luckily

I live in shorts and it was hot enough for the sun to dry me off..

So what was going to be a chill out at the campsite became 

That and more.

Swimming outside

Which the kids loved…

Something we would never have done had we just decided not to go camping and ‘go for a walk’ 

Why am I sharing this?

Well, when people start our 28 Day Kickstart at Fruci Fit..

And we go over certain obstacles that have got in the way before

We also see that there are fears and concerns

Based on the past..

‘I’m not sure I will be able to do that and keep it up” 

And sure, we have to make sure it is achievable ..

But what is not achievable today might be achievable tomorrow. 

Because what you do today you are more likely to do tomorrow.

That is how new habits are built and opportunities are created.

As you build confidence TODAY by DOING

You create the courage to continue and do MORE tomorrow.

Maybe you start with 5 minutes today

It seems insignificant

But tomorrow you then feel confident enough to try 10 minutes

I could go on.

One seemingly insignificant choice today 

Can lead to transformational, memorage changes tomorrow. 

Just like the ladies we work with at Fruci Fit who first started doing a push up against the wall to now doing it on the floor https://frucifit.com/who-else-wants-results-like-this/ 

And just like our decision to go camping 

Led to the kids probably remembering their swim and weekend for a long time

And awesome memories created…

Even if it is just asking ‘are Daddy’s shorts dry yet’ for the 1000th time, even after I had slept in those same shorts haha guilty…

Small habits TODAY

Lead to transformation tomorrow. 

Every day is DAY ONE.

So start now

As that is all that exists…


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