New easy meal ideas?

New easy meal ideas?

“Bored of salads”

“Need some new ideas”

Yep, I say these things too. 

Which is exactly why we have been trying some different salads.

Don’t get me wrong

Cucumber, tomato and lettuce have served me well for 32 years of my life.

But these two salads below were quick, easy and delicious

Especially in the recent heat.

I simply added chicken 

and felt like a new woman

^^ Ok, maybe I took that bit a bit too far. But I did feel great and the family enjoyed it too, even if the kids just picked the watermelon and pomegranate…

Anyway, here are two ideas you might enjoy

^^ remember you do not have to follow these 100%, tweak as you like

  1. Watermelon and feta (see image)

Mixed leaves (any you fancy)

Feta (half fat you want to lower calories but either fine)




Mint leaves 

Optional: add chicken to up the protein 👍

  1. Pomegranate and feta (see image)

Bag of mixed leaves (any are fine) 

Beetroot (in a jar is fine)  

Feta (low fat if you want to lower calories)

Pomegranate seeds 

Super seeds – Salad topper (any sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds, they are toasted already in the pack so ideal for this, about £1.50 for a whole bag)


Add some chicken for extra protein 👍

Hope these inspire you today…

What is your favourite salad?


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