Has she gone mad?

So I was in Costa the other day

Standing in the queue…drooling over the delicious looking cakes

and I couldn’t help but notice the lady in front of me…

She was trying to pay…

With her reusable cup?!?!?!?!?

I was thinking ‘has she gone mad?”

Using a cup to pay for a coffee????

She even said ‘It’s not working’

I then got chatting to her…

And she said it was a ‘Clever Cup”…


A cup that you can pay for things with by scanning it..


Pretty cool, right?

Although maybe not that clever as it wasn’t working.

But my point here?

Because I’d never seen this before, I thought it was a bit mad. And a bit crazy.

And it’s similar to what happens when we try something new in the hope of changing something, be it your body, health or learning something new for your job…

It seems a bit uncomfortable at the start. A bit scary

It’s different.

you might get comments from your friends or family saying

‘I could never do that. You are mad…’ >> perhaps referring to you going to an exercise session

‘you’re fine the way you are’

and I get that it can make things harder.

That lack of support.

Because – ultimately – you are doing this for you, right?

For your health

how you feel



But here’s my advice for you today…

Rather than letting your brain worry about the future.

Whether you can stick to something as you’ve never done it before

Wondering if you have time to do it..

Why not ask this question instead…

“Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?”

Because you GET what you are looking for

If you’re looking for reason why you can’t do something?

That’s what you’ll find…

And ultimately, this probably is NOT going to serve you in the long term to lose weight and keep it off


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