What happens if you ‘process’ processed food?

Apparently, you get a new class of 'healthier' and TASTIER chocolate.

^^^ Win, win!!

And that's why I love (food) science.

From making the food we eat more nutritious (by ensuring that the vitamin content is what it was at production)...

To making chocolate taste better and be LOWER in fat!

And you could say:

"Enjoy in moderation"

And I do agree with this (to an extent because I love the stuff and if I can eat more then I probably will...I'm human...)

But this 'moderation' stuff is harder said than done...

Particularly when you're dealing with kids and long-lasting habits

So, some researchers managed to reduce the fat content of Mars bars by more than 10%!

And in some cases, taste testers stated that the lower fat version actually tasted better.

Now, the 10% reduction in fat might not seem significant.

But you just have to look at our eating habits to know that this COULD make a difference

^^^ go down that sweetie isle, I dare you!

You see, ice cream, yogurts and even breakfast bars and 'healthy wholegrain' cereals...

Can contain chocolate.

and if we can reduce the fat by 10%

then one could argue that it may reduce our waistlines.

After all, overeating by just 100 calories a day COULD lead to 10lbs of weight gain in a year (on paper)

which shows the power of making, small and sustainable habits that:

'don't even feel hard'

^^^ As a client put it this week.

And that's the difference between a cookie cutter 'diet' and a bespoke nutritional strategy with your name on that adapts to your lifestyle and 'new', leaner body!

Have a great weekend,

Matt 'increasing chocolate consumption by 10%" Fruci

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