It’s bananas to think bananas will make you fat

“I was so confused, I’ve just stopped eating bananas”

^^^ One lady told me recently when I was delivering a diabetes education session for an NHS programme I work on

Why the confusion?

Glad you asked 

1) She’d been told she needed to lose weight…but also that bananas were ‘full of sugar’

2) She'd heard 'sugar makes you fat'

3) But also heard that if they were green they were good for weight loss (even though she hated green bananas...who doesn't?)

4) Had heard that bananas (yellow or green) are a “free” food on Slimming World (meaning you can eat all of the bananas...

But if you cooked the bananas, Slimming World would say they were a ‘syn’…

^^^ Yep, even I’m confused right now. 

So, rather than bore you with an essay, I'll just keep it short and banana sweet:

Both green and yellow bananas contain the SAME number of calories (about 105 for a medium sized banana...

Which means swapping a yellow banana for a green banana, be it cooked or uncooked, will NOT directly help you lose weight and tone up.

Now that's over and done with I've got a 2-ingredient banana inspired pancake recipe which me and my 10-month old daughter have been enjoying for breakfast...and sometimes dinner.... 

Check it out below:

And...yes, I did notice the crumb that Ottilie put on my chin 🙂 

Anyway, I get that it's not recipes that you REALLY want.

You're fed up with all the fad diets telling you to give [insert your favourite food here] and spend your precious time in a gym.

I get that you want to put you first...but this is harder said than done with your work, family and busy life.

Which is why I'm offering 4 ladies the chance to enrol on my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down so you make this toning up stuff a way of life rather than something you have to be super motivated for, do for a few days and then give up...

And all this just for £1 a day...

Why so cheap?

Well, my aim is to make this toning up stuff as simple as possible. Something you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day (although I may treat you to something that will burn fat 'rapidly'...if you're ready for it...)

And with Christmas being the time where we - on average - gain between 1-13lbs of unwanted body fat?

What better time to do it?

If this sounds like something you can benefit from to improve your body shape, slim down, and put you first.

Click HERE

Matt 'go bananas' Fruci

PS. Here's the link to the Pre Christmas Slim Down:

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