What happens when you flip your flaws?

I thought I was ‘uncoachable’ at one point.

I thought being at university for 7 years

Getting a few Masters degrees and helping others lose weight and keep it off meant I knew everything

Until I began to learn more

Find people with the exact skills that I wanted to help develop

Develop the skills that will help me to help members on my body transformation programmes get even BETTER results

Because my job satisfaction is based on your success

And just like I did with my Salter blender last Christmas (which busted when I threw some frozen berries in there)

^^^ Which was recommended to me by the guy in Morrisons as ‘just as good as the Nutri Ninja and Nutri Bullet’

I discovered that the most expensive information in the world is BAD information.

Because just a few months later…

I had to buy a Nutri Ninja…for double the price

^^^ Which is going to be awesome for the weaning process for the – yet to be named – baby (Is it weird that I’m so excited about the weaning part?)

Anyway, back to my point.

Let me ask you this question:

Have you ever seen a flaw in yourself?

Of course you have, you’ve seen loads, I bet. 

Because us humans are our biggest critics.

And me three (or 4 or 5…)

Public speaking fears (I used to go bright red, shake and could barely speak because of my dry mouth. I hated it!)

A terrible relationship with food that left me battling with an eating disorder growing up

An allergy to wheat which means I must be the only Italian who doesn’t eat his Nonna’s pizza…

^^^ Just to name a few as we could be here all day and I know you’re busy!

But these flaws are the ONE thing that really can help us

Help us to not only achieve our goals but also to inspire a load of others to achieve their goals as well

^^^ Some members on my body transformation programme have even gone on to become personal trainers and work in the health industry to give back

But this is only as long as you FLIP your FLAWS!

Just as I have…

* Understanding that the fear of public speaking is essentially a confidence issue

Low self-esteem

And / or a lack of preparation and DOING the work

^^^ Which is a bit like weight loss

* Understanding that by having a terrible relationship with food growing up, I now totally get why so many females say to me that they thought ‘they couldn’t eat this’ or ‘couldn’t eat that’ because it’s a ‘bad’ food…often leading to binges!

* And understanding how having an allergy to a food means I’ve had to ‘think outside of the box’ when it comes to cooking

Eating out


Dealing with the pressure to eat a certain way

Being able to enjoy myself at social occasions without suffering from headaches and bloating the next day

And all these ‘flaws’

In combination with REACHING OUT (Because something as simple as sharing can allow for STUCK energy to move and become liberated)

^^^ it’s exactly why I invest £400 a month on a coach myself. He’s a Dietitian who works privately and with the NHS.

Can help you to master what you do and help others (which is one of the best feelings in the world, right?).

So, I’m going to leave you with a quote I heard the other day (sorry for not quoting the person but I’m not sure who said it…):

‘”as we free ourselves from our own fear, our very presence automatically liberates others.”

Which is probably a pretty awesome way to live your life.

And why not apply this to your weight loss journey?

Think about how this might inspire others around you?

Family members you’re worried about?

Friends who’ve always needed a ‘helping hand’ to get going 

Your kids who’ll now feel a bit competitive about your new, more toned look…especially when they start seeing definition in your arms

^^^ As was the case last week with a member on my one of body transformation programmes.

And my task for you today?

Have a ‘flip your flaw’ conversation with someone.

Show your flaws with them. 

Something you’ve been fearing or feeling judgemental about

and just notice how liberating this is!

Happy Monday


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