Once again…it trumps all

Not that Trump…

I’m talking about the ‘Mediterranean diet’

Every day it seems like a new study pops up about it

And today is no different.

Presented last month…

Researchers found that those who CLOSELY follow a Mediterranean diet 

Are a 1/3 less likely to develop macular degeneration

Which is a leading cause of BLINDNESS!

Now, I’ve already talked before about the benefits of a Mediterranean style diet on:

* Your risk of heart disease 

* Your risk of Type 2 diabetes

* Your risk of alzheimer’s disease

But this study is quite significant for the reason that 

Anitoxodiants, such as Vitamin C and E found in many fruits and veggies…


Wait for it…

Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee…

May be protective against blindness. 

They decided to look at this because not only are they powerful antioxidants known to be protective against diseases, such as Alzheimers …

But also because we know that they’re a huge part of the typical Mediterranean diet 

And your diet too, right?

I saw the other day that  many of us Westerners now get most of our antioxidants from…


As we simply aren’t eating enough of fruit and veg

^^^ Or as I prefer to say it, veg and fruit!

Now, all these research papers are just tiny ‘bricks’ in a HUGE wall we’re building to better understand the human body, weight loss and disease prevention

^^^ I’m not talking about the same wall as Trump, don’t worry!

But do you want to know the ONE thing that stands out in every one?

Well, it’s that those who STICK to the diet get better results

Reduced risks of heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s, blindness


More weight loss

You see, compliance is the ONE reason why I can guarantee your diets have failed in the past

Which is exactly why I make things SUPER simple for you in Female Fat Loss Mastery.

Now, I’m NOT saying it’s going to be easy.

^^^ Members on my body transformation programmes will tell you that and its what it’s really not for everyone

But I can guarantee that you’ll be fitter, leaner, and feeling more confident than ever in your favourite clothes (especially when you bin the baggy ones…)

Speak soon,

Matt ‘another win for coffee’ Fruci

PS. Applications close for Female Fat Loss Mastery in just 7 days OR when the last 2 spaces go

So if you’re sitting on the fence

Or haven’t got round to sharing this with a friend who you feel will benefit from it (and more on this tomorrow)

Then go here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/


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