Ever Heard Of The ‘Rebel Diet’?

Me neither until last week.

When I realised I’d ‘kind of’ been doing it for a while.

The term ‘rebel’ comes from...

‘Rebel vegetarians’.

Heard of them?

Long story short, it was reported that 1/3 of vegetarians surveyed (1789) in the UK…

Had eaten meat when drunk.

And it’s opened up a can of worms (pun intended)

The vegetarians are saying that ‘they’ aren’t real vegetarians…

The response?

‘We can eat how we like…’

^^^ True, right?

In fact, some (kind of) vegans have come out saying that they eat vegan for 3 months of the year…

The reason?

‘It would mean spending a fortune on ingredients and trekking to a health-food shop; or I could just get some eggs and bacon’

^^^ meaning they’re ‘picking and choosing’ the parts that WORK FOR THEM!

Which is the secret to MOST (if not all) weight loss diets THAT help you lose weight and keep it off.

^^^ And no one wants to buy new clothes for summer…only to realise they don’t fit you 12 months later…

Because here’s the thing:

A ‘diet’ or ‘nutritional strategy’ needs to fit your lifestyle and preferences so you enjoy your food again and don’t feel restricted and bored.

And it’s just like my client found last week.

12 lbs down…

Even whilst eating chocolate peanuts…and pizza!

And this makes it sustainable…

(as well as putting some life into living)

Because anniversaries, birthdays, and social gatherings happen.

They’re a part of life…

If you’re waiting for them to ‘end’ before starting a ‘diet’

Then you’re probably setting yourself up for failure…

Because what happens when that birthday or anniversary comes around again?

You eat the pizza…and

You fail…

Which is why I generally recommend choosing nutritious and filling foods 60-80% of the time (to get you back in control of your hunger so you don’t have to blame the old ‘willpower’)

And foods that you REALLY enjoy (like Pizza and chocolate peanuts) 20-40% of the time…

Because when you learn your body and realise how different amounts and types of foods make you feel…

In terms of:

* Energy

* Sex drive

* Hunger

* Sleep


*Body fat

You can optimise your food choices so that you CAN eat your pizza, not feel guilty for ‘eating too much’ at your wedding anniversary, AND STILL ditch the stomach fat!

Speak soon,

Matt ‘the rebellious dieter’ Fruci

PS. It was date night with Mrs Fruci last night...which meant an Indian at The Palm Restaurant near Marlborough...

Luckily for me...

This fits in with my nutritional strategy, just like the pizza did for my client when celebrating her 14th Wedding Anniversary last week (congrats!!!)

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