Lose 7kg eating cake, pizza, ice cream and dinners out?

It's Monday.

I mean 'Motivational Monday'.

So, check out another success story from a client:

But here's the thing:

Paul lives a busy lifestyle.

Just like you.

Sometimes he has to eat 'what they're making' at work.

He has to 'eat on-the-go'

He WANTS to enjoy BBQ's (hopefully the weather will improve soon) and eating out with family and friends...

Which means drinks (beers and vodka in this case), pizza...and cakes (and not quinoa)

WILL be a part of the lifestyle.

And I get it.

You're probably thinking:

"I need to give up the chocolate and cake to lose weight"

But here's the key part from this success story:

"I control myself with food"

Whereas once upon a time we might have eaten the whole cake (after depriving yourself all week) and felt guilty, bloated, and frustrated....

You CAN develop a positive relationship with food....

Ditch the love handles...

And still enjoy your cake and special time with friends and family

^^^ As I myself used to struggle with so so much

And it frustrates me.

Because during that time....

It would make others think that you have to eat spinach, chicken (or salmon...life is for living lol) with a handful of nuts to lose weight and get summer lean.

So I actually used to STOP people - just like you -

Bothering to make positive changes that will improve energy, confidence, health, and libido etc...

And it's exactly why a bespoke nutrition and exercise programme that teaches you exactly HOW your body responds to certain types and amounts of foods and exercise will trump any "6 week"..."are you crazy enough"..."sacrifice to win" diet and workout...

Speak soon,


PS. To apply for the (last for at least 4 weeks) 7-day free trial on my body transformation programme

Go here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/ (applications close Wednesday)

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