Are you still drinking milk?

So far in 2018, the (not so) new diet on the block has been veganism...

We have Netflix documentaries telling you that eggs will cause diabetes and that meat gives you cancer...

Veganuary (which means go Vegan in January)...

And I guess it doesn't help that I've now got a Vegan nutrition book out. Not because I am vegan or I think it's 'the best'. But just because some of the ladies I have worked with are vegan. For me, there's no one size fits all. 

Anyway, one of the ladies on my programme sent me an article titled:

"Why you stop drinking milk right now"

And you can probably guess that it wasnt a 'balanced' argument. 

It turns out that you should stop drinking milk RIGHT NOW because we - humans - are the only species of mammal that drink another species' milk...and it's full of feces, fat and cholesterol...

But guess what?

We're also the only species who:

* Make and drink the subtle, bubbly charms in prosecco

* Drive cars to save time and get places quicker

* Have phones to keep in contact with friends and family

* Gossip better than anyone else

* Use loo roll to wipe our bums...

So does that mean we should give up the above?

To put it simply, if cows or goats were as smart as humans?

They'd probably be trying to drink human milk...

Joking aside, if you have a lactose intolerance...

Lactose free milk, soy milk, or nut milks will be better for YOU...

And if it's for ethical reasons?

That's absolutely fine. You don't HAVE to drink milk.

But my point here is to just be skeptical about what you read and hear online.

Even about what I say. 

After all, this is your health, right? And there's nothing that's more important than that. As the saying goes:

'he / she who has their health has 1000 dreams. He / she who doesn't has 1"

And by health, I don't just mean what you eat, I mean your relationship with food, social life, fitness, motivation, energy , relationships, confidence.

I mean, one of the ladies I work with was feeling anxious about having no dairy  or meat just from reading this article. 

For me, the stress that worrying about so-called 'bad' foods will cause more harm than anything else. With your energy, time, social life, relationships... 

And even if I do die of a heart attack whilst drinking a glass of milk and eating an egg...

just remember to be skeptical.

And speaking of being skeptical, it's why I'm offering you a FREE week using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System.

So you can see how you can build a healthy eating plan, ditch the 101 diets for good, and fit back into your favourite clothes.

All by fitting the healthy eating and exercise plan for you...whether it's vegan-ism, gluten free-ism, cabbage soup-ism, or just eating in a healthy flexible way--ism...

I've got 2 spaces for next week.

If you want to try it next week and separate the facts from the fiction, click the link below:


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