We got wasted…on ice cream, vino and cheesecake

“Remember that…when we got wasted”

“What’s wasted?” The kid replies

In true “dad” fashion, the dad puts his foot right in it with this:

“Errrmmm, It’s where you have loads of ice cream. Yeah. You get wasted eating loads of ice cream”

The kids response?

“COOOOOL. I want to get wasted. Mum, can I get wasted?”

^^^ this is from “Grown ups” (me and the wife watched this during our “date afternoon”)

And we’ve all been there

Nursing that hangover on a Sunday (or even a Monday…) after a few too many vinos

My hangovers seem to linger for 3 days nowadays

^^^ maybe something my grandad puts in his vino…

Gone are the days where I’d go out, get drunk, be sick, ring my dad to pick me up, be sick in his car, be sick all over our new bath mats…

And spend the following day cleaning his car a​​​nd replacing the bath mats

^^^ t​​o which I’ll never forget buying the wrong colour 😂


I’m changing nappies, singing “I’m a little teapot”, and having the odd date “afternoon” with the wife…

And I get that with more responsibility in your life…

The more likely you are to feel the need to get “wasted” on ice cream…and milk chocolate buttons

^^^ as one member told me on our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme last week mentioned

To give you that “feel good” / dopamine high

Because let’s face it

After a long day playing superMUM to everyone else

^^^ Cooking, packed lunches, washing, ironing, more washing because the kids are out playing and the little ones nappy didn’t do the job, work, sleep (or lack of)…

That tub of ice cream (or cheesecake) will always make you feel better (in the short term)

Give you that INSTANT “feel good” high

^^^ that you then go and kick yourself for afterwards and wonder why you did it…

And this is something that one Body Transformation member had been assessing of late

Assessing when and why she does it

Lack of fun?

Peer pressure?

Lack of sleep?

Lack of nutrients?

Not eating enough?

Because what’s assessed can be managed.

And this is exactly what I’m going to be teaching you in my brand spanking new 28-day Fit Mum Challenge 

Which I’ll be revealing more about very soon

Hopefully Friday.

Damn it… I just set myself a deadline.

And deadlines make things very real…best get things moving and stop procrastinating 😃

Matt “wasted” Fruci

PS. You heard about those Cloud Pizza’s? Everyone’s making them at the moment…Just so turns out, I did a recipe (inspired by my Nonna) for these a while back:

Check it here:​​


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