Can you send me more info?

Ever since I’ve been sharing some of the awesome results that the ladies on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation programme have been achieving

And since the LIVE seminar we had last week at Marlborough Golf Club

I’ve been getting this question A LOT

So I’m just going to remind you

As well as my 9 years coaching experience where I’ve helped tons of ladies lose weight, tone up and drop a few dress sizes…

My work with the NHS in managing Type 2 diabetes through self-management and education

And my seemingly ‘never-ending’ postgraduate study in nutrition and exercise sciences…

Here’s what’s included when you enroll today on my FREE (normally £26 and EXCLUSIVE mini body transformation challenge TONIGHT (read carefully – it may surprise you how much you get…):

* Up to 5 fun, simple (yet effective) and fully-coached ladies-only workouts that will help you ditch the baggy clothes for summer and level up your energy so you can play with the kids without feeling out of breath and tired 

* My 7-day ‘tone up’ blueprint where you’ll discover how to get a flat stomach in a safe, effective way without starving yourself (so you can eat the foods you and your family love and still lose weight)

* A 7-day ‘all access’ pass to our private inner circle and nutrition system where I’ll support you and keep you accountable (so you can stop blaming ‘willpower’ and feeling guilty for eating ‘bad’ foods)

* Quick and simple workout sessions sent to you so you can do it when it suits you and get your pre-baby body back (even if your ‘baby’ is now at school)

* A Private, supportive group of positive, like-minded mums who are COMMITTED to real results (whilst getting their ‘me’ time back and not spending hours in a gym or wasting money on crazy, expensive ‘diet’ supplements)

And if that’s not enough to fire you up to take action…

Then I guess you don’t want to tone up, lose weight and fit back into your favourite clothes

Without having to rely on ‘diet shakes’, cook separately from your family, or worry about what and when to eat…

^^^ And this is exactly why I give you access to over 1000 super simple (and tasty) recipes and meal ideas in my nutrition system

In the words of Fat Loss Mastery member, Kirstie:

‘can’t believe how simple but tasty these recipes are’

Go here if you’re ready to level up:

Matt ‘cut to the chase’ Fruci

PS. Applications CLOSE tonight at 730pm (my daughter’s bedtime…and mine…almost)​​​​

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