5 dieting lessons from a Babybel

“I always thought cheese was fattening?

Are Babybels OK?

They recommend them for kids lunch boxes?

Are they OK?”

^^ a message I got from a member last week

Which was very timely

As just the week before when driving back from our Sunday family day trip

Me, the boss (AKA the wife) and our daughter… were staaaaarrrving

^^^ too much walking…not enough prepping of me old food!

So we stopped off at a garage

My daughter, Ottilie, had her milk..

And I headed in to this tiny garage shop.

It was a Sunday at 5 o’clock (ish)

So they literally had chocolate, sweets…

Or Babybel’s 💪😃

And to my surprise (or maybe not as we all love a Babybel), the wife seemed pretty happy about the multipacks of BabyBel’s…and the Bounty!

Which saw us right through…

And as the geek that I am…

I’m about to science you out on how Babybel’s could EASILY hold their own against some of those so-called ‘superfoods’ that make you lose weight in a super way..

1* High in quality, slow digesting protein so they keep you full up for longer (and stop you snacking on Bounty after Bounty)

2* Contains fewer calories than an apple per BabyBel (and half the calories of one of those tiny almond snack packs…)

3* Conveniently portioned to take around with you 

4* “Annoyingly” double-wrapped to not only withstand extreme weather but so you don’t end up eating half a block of cheese (guilty!!!) 

^^^ let’s face it, you eat with your eyes NOT your stomach

And building on that last point…

Me and the wife had some leftover Babybel’s in the fridge that evening

Baby was down sleeping

We were chilling and catching up

You know, it was that time where you feel like you want a little snack to see you through

^^^ AKA boredom eating 😂

So, I took ONE BabyBel from the fridge, sat down and ate it.

I badly wanted another

But you know what?

I couldn’t be bothered to get up, go o the fridge, and unwrap that damn double layer

Which brings me to dieting lesson 5:

5* Moving treats and snacks 6 feet away as opposed to an arms length away can reduce your snacking habits by up to 60%

Oh- and here’s one more simple tip that’s so simple you probably won’t do it:

6* Using smaller bowls and plates will make you eat less…

And realise that there’s a difference between being “full” and “having enough”

Just like one Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation member found with her yoghurt and ice cream…

Thinking that buying the big tubs were “better value for money”

When actually…she just ate more.

So, she bought smaller tubs for a while.

Adopted new habits that’s helped her tone up and drop a few dress sizes WITHOUT depriving herself and being miserable

And now?

She has the mindset to buy big “value for money” tubs

And not binge >>> feel out of control >>> pile weight on >>> start again Monday by depriving yourself 

Something I’ll be helping you to put an end to with my new 28-day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge

Which I’ll be revealing more about on Friday 😃

Matt “BabyBel University Graduate” Fruci

PS. So next time that mum tells you that you’re a “bad mum” for giving you kid cheese as it’s “fattening”…

You’ve got 6 reasons why BabyBel’s are pretty damn awesome!


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