More good news for coffee lovers

It's Friday and I'm about to give you another excuse to grab a coffee to get you through the final day of the week.

Now, you don't have to trust me on this one because I may be a little bit biased.


Because I love coffee. To the point that when I hear the words "fancy a cup of coffee?"...I get all tingly inside. 

My daughter is even starting to get inquisitive about what's in my little cup, as she sticks to her water. Something that is more hydrating for you, right?

Or so we thought.

Because a recent study showed that when diet, exercise and total fluid was the same…It didn’t matter whether you drank 4 cups of coffee or 4 cups of water 

Which means: Coffee, when consumed in MODERATION, hydrates you pretty much the same as water

and there’s EVEN more…Because 3 cups of coffee per day for 3 weeks INCREASED good bacteria in the gut (which can help boost your immune system and may even help you lose fat)

I've got even more for you...

Because just last month, a study of all studies showed that 4 cups of coffee per day was associated with a 10% reduction in postmenopausal cancer risk....

Now, as with most of this stuff, it's important not to get too carried away with one thing (even coffee...and even coconut they now do in Costa...)

Because as much as I'd love to recommend the 'coffee diet' (which does help curb hunger by the way)...

You know as well as I do that if you want to lose unwanted tummy fat, tone up and ditch the baggy clothes for good...

You need something that you can stick to even on your busiest, most stressful day (which is why its handy knowing that coffee is pretty good..).

And it's why - I believe - that the secret to this toning up stuff is a personalised nutrition and exercise programme designed for you and your lifestyle. 

You see, just like instant coffee, It seems quick and easy at the start. But it soon gets boring and bitter. Hard to stick to when life takes over and you end putting it off (going for a Costa)...or piling more weight on that you lose in the first place.

And it's exactly why my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System personalises this to YOU based on how YOU respond, so you have it just the way you like it, find a way of eating that works for YOU and fit back into your favourite clothes (no matter how long its been) QUICKER than the Ristretto espresso -style coffee hit me the other day in Costa...

I've got 2 spaces left for the free personal training trial packages I'm giving away next week. 

If you want to kickstart your New Years Resolutions, click the the link below:


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