7 diet myths that hold you back

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about EXACTLY why so many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it off. 

Mostly, because I'm updating the nutrition plans, healthy meal makers, and Tone up workouts for my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System which means it's even more on my mind than ever before. 

But also, because:

* it was revealed that Britain eats 4 times more junk food than the French and Italian which means we have the worst diet in Europe...


* I've heard a lot of 'myths' from the ladies trailing out my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System

Here are a few of these myths:

1. Giving up junk food is the most important part of losing weight

2. You have to eat breakfast to spike your metabolism (if I did this everyday, I'd simply gain unwanted fat as I like to enjoy my food in the evening when I can sit down)

3. 'Your Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System is so simple I know it already and need something else' (this is one always makes me laugh because the main issue with losing weight and keeping it off is that there are so many diets and so much information, it's confusing. Do the simple things right, constantly and you'll get results. Just like these ladies here)

4. Losing weight is all about willpower

5. Carbs make you fat

6. Low fat yoghurts are just full of sugar 

7. Fat makes you fat

I could go on and on

But anyway, all these myths can stop you losing weight and finding a healthy way of eating that fits your lifestyle so you can keep the unwanted fat off for good and fit back into your favourite clothes

And, if you believe them, they're probably making you more frustrated and confused as to why [insert diet here] isn't helping you lose fat, have more energy and keep the weight off for good. 

Just something to think about. 

Shift: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

PS. I'm not taking any new applications for the free week using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System today as I'm adding a few more of the healthy meal makers, nutrition plans, meal plans, and tone up workouts early this morning and then it's family day...

But keep an eye on your email tomorrow, as I'll be re-opening this with two spaces starting next week.

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