Gluten Free Ferrero Rocher Recipe

You see, it’s Christmas (nearly)

And when I was younger, I had a thing about Ferrero Rocher (as I still do now)


They aren’t gluten free and contain wheat

^^^ Which means I shouldn’t eat them (given I’ve got an allergy to wheat and it’s not worth the IBS, headaches and blisters…JUST!)

So, I’m on a mission to REcreate a Ferrero Rocher

Wheat free style

But without loading up on a ton of calories (meaning I just turn into Santa over night…)

So, do you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve?

Here’s my first attempt at wheat free, snow-inspired Ferrero Rocher:

Ingredients (makes 13ish):

* 2 tbsp single cream

* 50g Dark chocolate (70% and above…)

* 100g of almond butter (Hazelnut butter may be better)

* 13 whole hazelnuts

* 20g Chopped hazelnuts

* 1 tbsp of cocoa powder

* 1 tsp of stevia for the snow (optional to mix this is with the cocoa powder, too for added sweetness. kind of depends on your taste preferences and dark you go with the chocolate)


1) Mix the almond butter with the single cream and cocoa powder (optional add of stevia here to sweeten)

2) Spoon the mixture into 13 or so little portions on a plate

3) Put a hazelnut in the middle of each one and cover it with the mixture

4) Melt your dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water

5) Throw in your chopped hazelnuts with the melted chocolate and mix

6) Dunk your hazelnut covered balls into the melted choc and hazelnut mix (this gets messy) and place back on to the plate

7) Sprinkle some snow (stevia) on top of the Ferrero Rocher’s for a Christmasy twist (and added sweetness)

8) Transfer to the fridge and leave to set

9) Eat as a treat with a coffee as and when at 97 calories a pop (8 g fat, 1 g carbs, 3 g protein)

My feedback:

* Next time I’ll use 85% choc instead of 99% (got a bit excited in Lindt at the Outlet Village in Swindon)

* I’ll also add the hazelnuts at the end so they are more on the outside

* I may even work in some chocolate whey protein powder

* Plus, I might get some of this: Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Butter (the closest thing to Nutella?) 

How would you do this?


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