Another favourite skirt going to the charity shop

“Another favourite skirt going to the charity shop”

^^^ Nearly enough room for two Charlotte’s in there now

And all this

Just by keeping things simple and fitting the foods and drinks she loves

^^^ Especially with the social situations around Christmas!

You see, I’m off to deliver education for patients recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes today in a Surgery in Swindon

And in one of the parts, I talk about how high blood sugar levels impact your eye sight (and may cause blurred vision and even blindness…not nice, I know)

But the eye is a fascinating thing. 

Did you know that the image on the back of your eye is actually upside down?

And that your brain turns it around so you can see the world the ‘right way’ up?

Now, without getting all philosophical…

When it comes to ‘diet’…

What is ‘right’?

I mean, of course, you probably know there are bettER things to eat

But- ultimately – it comes down to you and your lifestyle

So you can stick to it.

Because the best diet in the world is the one you DO

Which is exactly why I’ve created a simple nutrition system that allows YOU to choose the foods and drinks you enjoy

And STILL lose weight 


Well, so you can keep the weight off and not pile it back on when you ‘start eating again’

And who knows…

Maybe you’ll donating skirts to charity like Charlotte, too!

Because I’m taking on one new member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme in December 

Apply here:

Matt ‘feeling charitable’ Fruci

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