Dieting lessons from the Spice Girls

Waiting for your favourite song to come out on single?

^^^ and paying ¬£3.75 for your Spice Girls – Too Much single in 1998 ūüôā

or – if you’re cheeky one –

Recording it from the charts radio on Sunday on to your cassette player?

And now…

You can ask Alexa (Check out the Amazon Echo thing that’s recently come out) to play any song¬†within seconds…

Oh, and remember when MTV first came out?

You could WATCH a music video?


You just search it in YouTube and get thousands in SECONDS

My point?

We have access to more information than EVER

Access to more CONVENIENCE to SAVE TIME than ever

Longer opening hours in shops, online shopping, next day delivery, chopped¬†vegetables, ready meals…even fake tan, fat burners, ¬†gluten free isles,¬†diabetic friendly chocolate, and ab toning machines ūüėČ


You find yourself with less time than ever before

And I get it

^^^ I even wonder how my parents did this parenting stuff without all the disposable nappies, strollers, clip in and clip out car seats that fit everything etc.

You find yourself craving that ‘ME’ time back

Finding it more difficult to get stuff done (even with a diary in your pocket that syncs with every electronic device in your life)

And I know what you’re thinking…

Technology is ‘bad’

And it can be

I mean, it gives you that dopamine ‘feel good’ hit…almost like a drug might

^^^ In fact, this has been said as one of the reasons to why drug addiction amongst teens has reduced…

It’s a scary time thought

Because we’re living in a VERY fast moving society

Where my daughter will NOT need to learn to drive unless she really wants to

^^^ That’s according to forecasts that cars will soon be automated and you won’t even have space to park your car as they’ll be houses EVERYWHERE (so it will come and pick you up when you buzz it on your iPhone)

But with all of this…


It can be ‘too much’ (as the Spice Girls say)

Information overload


and what happens when you get confused and have to think more?

You do nothing

And nothing changes for you

Which is exactly why I make this weight loss and toning up game super simple for you


By making things super simple for you…

So you start doing the basics and doing them VERY WELL

And prove to yourself that you can do this

So you feel more confident in your favourite clothes, and have the energy to do more of the things you want to do with your family (and get your ‘ME’ time back)

And I’ll be revealing these SUPER simple principles in my FREE live event on Tuesday 9th May at Marlborough Golf Club:

How To Overcome The 7 Biggest Weight Loss Myths And Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back Without Spending Hours In A Gym Or Giving Up Your Favourite Foods 

Yes, that’s right

In a world of videos, text messaging and social media…

I’m going to be SHOWING¬†you what to do in person

^^^ along with Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie!

Register by going here:

Matt ‘scary spice’ Fruci

PS. I’ll leave you with a little passage from… the Spice Girls:

“Too much of something is bad enough

But something’s coming over me to make me wonder (ooh)

Too much of nothing is just as tough

I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied (ooh)”

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