Heard of the green tea effect? Here it is…

“Matt, I read an article about a woman who drank green tea to help her lose weight

I hate it but I’m thinking of giving it a go. What do you think?”

I know what you’re thinking:

“any cup of tea would be nice…I barely get a minute to have one”

^^^ And I get it…when I’m looking after our daughter, even making a cup of tea takes me about an extra 30 minutes (and it’s cold by the time I drink it)

But hear me out.

Because the ‘old me’ might have just said:

* Green tea supplements have barely been shown to work in humans (even if you drown yourself in them and go Hulk mode)

* Black tea has pretty much the exact same benefits on your immune system to help you fight off common colds and illnesses (I actually tested this myself in lab, wearing a lab coat in Oxford during my studies…which I reckon makes me pretty legit ;-))

* Green tea and black tea pretty much have the same caffeine content to get you through that morning military operation (AKA the school run AKA making a warm cuppa for YOU)

* Just hit your overall nutritional targets I’ve set you and you’ll lose weight, tighten up the bingo wings (as Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, puts it) and you’ll be back in your favourite, more fashionable clothes in no time

But the new ‘me’?

Well, I’ll simply meet you where you’re at

And keep things super simple for you

à la …The Green Tea Effect

Because it’s true…

Green tea MAY help you lose weight

Not because of some superpower

^^^ Yep, I’ve been there. I even used to put a green tea bag in my cold water for ‘added fat burning’ effects…I don’t really like water as it is…let alone with the slightly ‘fishy’ taste (in my opinion) of green tea…

Not because you saw a quote from Ghandi saying it on Facebook

^^^ I guess we’ll never know if he actually said that or not…

But because it might just stop you:

* Drinking so much milk?

* Having sugar in your tea?


* Dunking chocolate biscuits into your tea whilst catching up with Eastenders 

^^^ or ‘Deadenders’ as the father-in-law calls it (typical Northerner preaching Corrie and Emmerdale in the streets of Yorkshire)

Which – magically – might just help you lose a few lbs or 2 over the week

And guess what might happen then?

Well, you might start building some momentum…

Thinking to yourself: ‘I can do this”

You start making a few more changes

Just like the ones we show you in our Fat Loss Mastery Audit

And before you know it…

you’ve actually stuck to a diet for more than a few weeks WITHOUT

that ‘all-or-nothing’


‘Might as well finish all that buttered toast and leftover Easter Eggs and start again tomorrow”


Which is a great way to REGAIN that 2 stone you lost in 10 days….

After all, there’ still 21 days left in May

Will not bothering for the next 21 days make up for those ‘messed up’ / ‘bad’ 10 days?

I’ll let you decide that

Because I don’t know if I can help you or if you’re interested

And good luck if you’re not

But are you confused about what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to eat to lose fat, tone up, and ditch the baggy clothes for good?

Well, I’m offering you the opportunity to take part in an exclusive free taster week on my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation challenge

Apply here:


And registrations CLOSE on Sunday 14th May at 730 pm (my daughter’s bedtime)

Matt ‘Dr T’ Fruci

PS. I’m only taking on 6 ladies for this trial starting on Monday 15th May


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