This gave me a reality check

So me, the wife (AKA boss) and our daughter having been loving our little walks and trips to Avebury

And I have some great  memories of Avebury as a kid

You know, being taken there for the 10th time as a kid on a school trip thinking:

‘It’s JUST a few stones in a field…I’m bored….how long until the iPad is invented, Miss?’

But now?

I love it!

Not just because you can get away from everything and spend some quality time with family where you’re actually PRESENT

^^^ Rather than kind of present and making the ‘unimportant’ stuff ‘important’ rather than spending QUALITY time with loved ones (which I am MOST guilty of by the way..)

But also because you see some funny characters, right?

I mean, I’m not sure if there ‘real’ or ghosts sometimes?

But here’s the thing

The first quarter of the year has NOW gone!

and this is a very REAL indicator of your results

I mean, I wasn’t too happy with mine

I’ve not hit my own training sessions

Or been as strict as I would have liked with my nutrition

But I do now have a daughter

and I’ve helped more ladies than ever before tone up, have more energy to play with their kids, and feel pretty ‘spirited’ in their new, more fashionable clothes

So, I have had some wins

But what about you?

Since January 1st…

How much weight have you lost?

What habits have you changed?

^^^ 40% of what you do is habit based so just by making changes this CAN level up your energy, stop you feeling tired and build that momentum to lose weight and keep it off long-term

Why do I ask?

Well, 3 reasons:

1) Research shows that we tend to DO more of the STUFF we did in the first quarter for the rest of the year

2) We fantasise about what we want but rarely DO it

3) So, if you multiply what you’ve done so far by 4…this will probably tell you what you’re going to achieve in the year (providing you progress at the same rate with whatever you are doing)

Whatever number that is….

Is what YOU are CHOOSING to be happy or ‘content’ with

Now, this can be hard-hitting

I get it

It was for me, too

But that’s good thing.

Because what did you learn?

What are you not doing that could do?

You see, sometimes it’s good to hear stuff we don’t want to hear

In fact, as a coach who’s job is to get YOU results

That’s sometimes what I have do

Because otherwise I wouldnt be doing my job

and I’d be letting you accept ‘average’ for even longer…

And you know, you’re capable of more

you’re better than ‘average’

In fact, humans are only happy when they’re progressing…(it’s built in us…just look at your kids faces at Tae Kwon Do when they see another kid with a higher belt….)

Now, I can’t make this any more simple for you

Change is inevitable

It’s going to happen

but whether you initiate the change and make it something you want

Is up to you

And I can show you how here

But the stuff I’m going to teach you here only works if you DO it

And just like a member on my body transformation programme (who’s full story I’ll be sharing soon)

you, too, could be losing weight whilst ‘even eating biscuits’ (as she put it whilst pulling a pleasantly surprised face)

But, it’s up to you​​​

Matt ‘spirited’ Fruci

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