Eat your (Easter) eggs

No, I’ve not woken you up today to tell you about how chocolate COULD help with weight loss, fatigue, blood pressure and how you handle those ‘bad’ carbs LOL

Because I’ve spoken about this before

^^^ and will be going into this type of stuff more in my FREE live weight loss seminar on Tuesday May 9th

So what am I going to bore you with today?

Glad you asked 😉

Because one of the most common things I see when working with busy mums

Is that you have so LITTLE time for themselves

That you just slowly pile any weight you did lose back on

And it’s exactly why we look for the ‘low hanging fruit’ in Fat Loss Mastery

So you can make small, sustainable changes that you can STICK to

^^^ So you actually keep the weight off

It could be anything from redesigning your kitchen (yes, this is actually SOMETIMES a lot better than even thinking about your diet….)

To eating more of certain foods that give you more energy, help tone you up and stop you feeling ravenous and clearing out the fridge after you’ve got the kids to bed…

And my friends in lab coats have just backed this up

Showing that in women who had REGAINED at least 5% of their body weight before having bariatric surgery

Those who were given a higher protein diet (they actually just gave them some whey protein, believe it or not…)

Lost weight and lost FAT (which makes you more toned and helps you look and feel better in your clothes)

whereas those who were not given the whey protein GAINED weight and FAT despite being given the same diet apart from the whey protein…

Now, I’m not saying whey protein is magical here

I mean, your eggs, meats, dairy, vegetarian sources etc will do

But what I am saying is that your DIET could be impacting your energy, how you feel, sleep, irritability with loved ones, and – of course- could be explaining why you feel the need to raid the biscuit tin

And say ‘I just don’t have the willpower’

Which is exactly why I’m putting the 7 Biggest Weight Loss Myths that you keep getting stuck on to BED

on Tuesday 9th May at 630pm in our FREE live event at Marlborough Golf Club

To register, go here:

And, yes, there’s free coffee

but if you’re just in it for the coffee…

then this probably isn’t for you

See you soon,

Matt ‘Chief Scientist at Harvard University (as verified by Twitter)’ Fruci

PS. It’s pretty simple, the sooner you DO, the sooner things IMPROVE for you…and that I can guarantee

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