Non-dieting approach (how to stop stopping)

So finally it seems like the media are taking action on these celebs endorsing diet products


And all of us

Skinny coffee, detox shakes….herbs…you name it

Claiming that this ONE product helped them lose ‘x’ lbs…

Now, not only does this make me worry quite a bit given my own background and struggles with an eating disorder & knowing the impact it could be having on kids

(and the fact I have 2 daughters who will be exposed to this…)

But also the FACT that all the emphasis is on the WEIGHT LOSS…

Almost making you believe EVERYTHING else is irrelevant :

* The exercise habits that help you feel better about yourself and reduce your risk of heart disease & diabetes regardless of weight

* The energy you have to do more of the things you enjoy

* Make every day tasks easier –> which improve the quality of your life, be it climbing stairs / going for walks with friends…

* higher level of self worth and self acceptance by getting fitter and stronger

* Strengthen your joints and bones to help with healthy ageing

* Reduce aches and pains ​​​​

* and even improve gut health

Now, of course, weight LOSS does reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease etc…

And I do HELP hundreds of ladies with weight loss (like many of these ladies here​​)

So I’m not saying that you should NOT lose weight…

What I’m saying is that this is often a side effect of creating long-lasting, healthy habits

Which make you feel good about yourself​​

And just by flipping the way you think about this

Might just help you do the things you know you need to do for long enough to potentially see the results you want anyway…

And actually maintain it!!

But either way…

Remember that the scales are ONE measure.

​​​​If you are basing ALL of your effort on one number?

You’re probably never going to be happy…

Especially when you consider that getting stronger and fitter may actually slow weight loss…

Some people take longer to show weight loss

You can fluctuate even 4lbs daily…just by salt, hormones, sleep, types of food and stress​​…

Is that really an accurate measure to determine how YOU feel?

What you do today?

Matt ‘z list celebrity’ Fruci​​​​​​

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