Forget secret eating, think secret exercising

Is this the real reason we're struggling to ditch the stomach fat?

We go on a diet.

Do some exercise.

And lose some weight.

But all of a sudden, it stops.

We hit a brick wall.


Well, consider this.

When we diet down, we may see a decrease in our metabolism.

Which means we burn LESS calories when doing the 'stuff' we do in everyday life.

But what's perhaps even more interesting is that 20-60% of the calories we burn are due to our behaviours...

And some of these will be 'automatic' behaviours.

You might start fidgeting less.

Feel tired and decide to take the car rather than walking.

Sit down more rather than standing.

And this stuff adds up.

I guess this is why step counters can work well (they can also be detrimental which I'll go on to another day).

They allow us to have a better idea of whether we're stopping our 'SECRET EXERCISE'.

Which could affect our metabolism and the number of calories burned 3-fold!!

^^^ Read that again!

But there's more:

How much food you eat is 100% 'behavioural'.

And should you start exercising...

It may mean that you SNACK more...

Reward yourself (with crisps, chocolate...oh and pizza)

And, quite often, overshoot.

Meaning we're actually getting fatter than we were...

But these responses to exercise and diet vary from person to person.

Some people lose a ton of fat just from exercise.

Others seem to get fatter...

And it's exactly why a nutrition and exercise programmes should be tailored to meet YOUR needs rather than every Tom, Dick and Harry's.

So you can stop guessing and know exactly what you need to do to ditch the love handles, be the friend with the 'fast metabolism', and fit into your favourite clothes.


PS. I have 1 space on the 7-day free trial for my body transformation programme starting tomorrow based either online, at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon, or in the Marlborough area.

Applications need to be completed by 10 pm tonight.

To apply, go here:

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