KitKats and why tiredness kills

"Take a break"

It's what you see before most service stations in the UK.

A sign telling you to step out of your car, take some time for yourself, and have a break...

^^^ And no, I'm talking about eating a KitKat.

Although for a chocolate, they're pretty low calorie...

Anyway, tangent over.

^^^ Notice how my mind wonders when I'm tired?

Maybe a I need a break.

A KitKat?

And it's exactly the same when you're constantly dieting.

If you're starting to hit stalling points (which will's how you overcome them that's key to sustainable weight loss).

Then perhaps it's time to step out of the car, take a break, and...have a KitKat.

And it's a similar strategy that my client, Ashley, has used over the last few months to maintain her 20 lbs of weight loss she achieved in the first part of her journey.

Ashley has days where she can 'relax' a bit more with her food.

EAT MORE (And no, that's not a typo...Eat MORE not less).

And here's the thing:

It's not just about trying to follow the best diet and exercise programme in the world that WILL get get rid of the 'apron' and help you lose weight...

Because your lifestyle (kid's birthdays, providing '"mum's" taxi service, social events), your work life, and EMOTIONAL stress all have to be factored in..

SO that this becomes something you CAN DO!

Because if you don't do it, it's pointless.

And people think I'm crazy sometimes when I tell them to eat more.

Take a break.

Enjoy yourself.

And it's actually VERY difficult to get you to do it.

After all, it's the complete opposite to what we're normally told.

^^^ I struggled with this concept, too...thinking it would just make me fatter...

But sometimes, it's the stress of constantly dieting that's holding us back both mentally and physically.

And this was evident in a recent study that showed that people who took 3-day diet breaks every 11 days lost MORE weight and maintained more muscle (so they look more toned) than those who just dieted all of the time...

So, sometimes we're simply not eating enough..

Or enough of certain food groups that you're body NEEDS

To stop you raiding the snack cupboard at 9pm every night...

And it's just like my client Billy said:

"I realised I've just been appropriately hungry and not craving stuff. And lately I feel like I have more energy. V positive so far.."

^^^ And it's stuff like this that makes me love what I do...

Putting you back in control of your food intake with a bespoke nutrition and exercise programme that helps you ditch the 'apron' and keep it off for good.

Speak soon,

Matt 'have a KitKat' Fruci

PS. Just 2 days until the the 7-day trial starts for my body transformation programme based online, at Blunsdon House Hotel in Swindon, or in the Marlborough area:

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