“How much gluten does it take to kill you?”

"Would you die?" He asked.

"What would happen to you?"

To which I smiled, began to laugh (whilst trying to work out if he was joking or not), and replied:

"I'd just have some digestive issues, like bloating, and probably feel pretty rough, maybe get a rash".

^^^ A conversation I had with a waiter after asking for my meal to be gluten-free whilst out with the wife last weekend.

And it was almost like it was OK because I "wouldn't die".

Which reminds me of...ME!

You see, I thought it was 'normal' to feel bloated, gassy, tired, and constantly get headaches.

Because I didn't know any different.

I'd have my wholegrain bread to get my 'slow releasing' healthy carbs...

Thinking that feeling tired (I would NEED about 6 coffee a day).

Being gassy and bloated.

And needing to go to the loo after pretty much every meal...

Was normal!


I was eating at the 'future' in-laws...

Put simply, having a wheat allergy and eating a lasagne at your future in-laws wasn't a good combo!

And it's why we need to become accountable for our own nutrition.

We need to understand what gives us more energy and makes us feel GOOD!

So we can get fitter and stronger.

Do more of the things we want to do and not be out of breath walking up the stairs.

Here's a quick and simple strategy for you to ACTION today:

1) Note down how you feel about 2 hours after eating a meal



Gassy (don't just blame the sprouts)?

Frequent bowel movements?

Splitting headache?


Then write this meal down at the bottom of a bit of paper.

Full of energy?

Normal bowels?

Full and satisfied?

Then write this down at the top of a bit of paper.

2) Consider sleep, stress levels, menstrual cycle, and how much you eat

Did you overeat?

Are you undereating?

Do you need to prioritise getting more sleep?

Is it hydration?

And this is so powerful.

It allows you to see what makes you feel GOOD so you can do more of it!

And it's a bit like what one of my clients said to me:

"I used to be counting down the seconds to lunch time. But having eggs for breakfast has kept me so full I don't think about food"

^^^ And she's back in control of her food intake. Not run by the clock or cravings!

But this doesn't mean eggs will be everyones 'cup of tea'..

For example, another one of my clients (Billy), prefers to have "sweet" over "savoury" for breakfast and will often opt for Greek yogurt with berries.

And why is this all important?

Because optimising your food choices WILL impact your hunger, how you feel, your sleep, and - as a result - how lean and toned you get.

Just like my client Charlotte is finding, who said to me yesterday that she could fit into a pair of trousers that she couldn't take on her holiday in April!

Which made my "gluten free" day!

Speak soon,

Matt "still alive" Fruci

PS. I'm pretty sure the waiter muttered "enjoy your LAST evening" as we left the restaurant...

PPS. Tomorrow, I'll show you how to set up your eating habits and environment for successful weight loss!

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