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For breakfast?

Brie For breakfast????!??!?!?!

So this week, we’ve done two nutrition seminars for the ladies inside our programmes.


Well the first reason was to show the ladies how to use my brand new Amazon book: The Thirty-One and A Half-Day Habit Shift, specifically for ladies over 40

To look and feel better, one day at a time (rather than just try and change everything all at once and go into that ‘all or nothing’ / ‘F it’ mindset)..

Where we go over a small, simple habit you can do TODAY, even when you’re surrounded by Quality Street and prosecco 

To gain control of your snacking habits and get self-aware of the choices you make with food and drink…

The second reason?

To crush your beliefs about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods that are so powerful…

Your behaviour conforms to them..

You know, like “I’ve messed up today so I may as well eat some cheese and biscuits and cake (even though I’m not hungry…)”

Which is actually a bit like saying:

“I’ve spent £100 today so I may as well spend £10,000”

Crazy, right?

And one example I use for this..

Is about my breakfast..

And the fact that 2 days this week

I have had Brie for breakfast. 

Something that some people will avoid

Or feeling guilty for eating because it is ‘fattening’ (apparently).

But here’s the thing..

What if I told you that there were more calories in one of the ‘healthy’ breakfasts the ladies had of:



Chia seeds








2 x cheesey biscuits..

My point?

Someone’s thoughts when they eat the porridge:

“I’ve been really good..why am I not losing weight”

Someone’s thoughts when they eat cheese:

“I’m so rubbish.. F it…I will start again tomorrow”

Can you see how we literally set ourselves up to fail?

You see, it’s never the ‘thing’ that’s the issue…

But just your thoughts about the ‘thing’ …

In other words…

When you separate facts from feelings..

How much more in control would you be over your relationship with food?

How much less would you beat yourself up?

How much easier would it be to stick to?

What it would it be like if you could eat it without feelings of guilt?

And this is EXACTLY why we are doing a one-time offer for December

For you to come and train for FREE and use our DEBITS and CREDITS Nutrition system this Christmas…


Rather than leaving it all to do in January?

Burn some calories, crush some limiting beliefs, enjoy your food and kickstart your healthy habits

So you can transform energy and the way you think, look and feel…

Because it doesn’t have to be this all or nothing thing..

Just like Annie said

“After a couple of years of saying I must do something to get fitter,I did! I’m so glad that Matt popped up on Facebook. 

He makes exercise fun, the nutritional information is enlightening, the recipes are delicious, and everyone is friendly. 

If you’ve been putting off “going to the gym”, I highly recommend it.”

Interested in getting started in December for free?

Just reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Burbage’ or ‘Marlborough’ and I’ll get you the details on our December and January kickstart

Matt ‘To brie or not to brie’ Fruci