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I never thought I’d keep it up (message from Pat)

I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day who mentioned that her husband still can’t believe she’s now getting up before him and exercising…

And keeping it up..

She had tried lots of things before and lost weight

Only to give it up..

Which I get, it’s hard to change your habits and  relationship with food.

Anyway, I then received an email from Pat:

Thank you Matt,

Times like this make getting up at 5am really worth it, resisting chocolate when husband brings it in realizing one more drink, roast potato, dessert, chip, slice of bread, piece of cheese will only make me happy for a moment and then I will be annoyed at myself.

 I am proud of myself today, I never thought I would keep it up, I doubted myself which is wrong as I AM a strong woman I just needed something to kickstart me,

, I turned up to the sessions and the other ladies were great, they comment if they notice you looking better, no standing up front getting weighed, it’s just support all the way, from you and the ladies. It’s nothing like any previous weight loss / exercise class I have encountered and I’ve been to quite a few. 

Thank you Matt you have concocted the perfect all round package and you should be proud of yourself too. 


Well done, Pat!

And the message here?

If you’re doubting yourself…


Can you be 100% sure that you can’t do it?

And if you’re like Pat and just need that kickstart to get you going

Then message with “December” and I’ll get you the details about how you can train for free in December and kickstart your habits so you’re ready for January