Why women have a harder time losing weight and what you can do about it

I’ll obviously never fully understand what it’s like to be a woman (even with science allowing us to do so much in today’s world 😉)

But what I can say through being a Registered Nutritionist, working with hundreds of women, being married to one and being a father to one…soon to be two 🙂

is that you have it soooooo much harder than me (guys <<< wow, first time I’ve ever been referred to as ‘the guys’. Feeling pretty manly right now)

Why do you have it harder? Here’s a few reasons and what you can do about it:

1) Menstrual cycle : this could mean that you have certain craving which – if not allowed for – could leave you with your head in the Pringles tube .

Tip: Allow yourself something you like in your day during weeks 3 and 4 (e.g. dark chocolate, bit of cheese). You actually burn more calories during this phase, but not to the extent that you can finish the tub of pringles.

2) Menopause: My only experience of this is walking into a room full of ladies and saying:

“is it me or is it hot in here”

To which one of the ladies replied: “now you know what it feels like to be menopausal”

Tip: If not using HRT, try soya products like yoghurt and milk, try vitamin E and reduce caffeine and alcohol (so glad I’m not a woman) to help with hot flushes and symptoms. 

3) You need less food than men: Obviously, restaurants and shops don’t cater for this.

And the fact we eat what we’re give means it’s no wonder the ladies say to me that their husbands have lost double the weight though following our nutrient system lol

TIP: Get a starter as a main meal when eating out? Use your hand size for your protein (like meats, beans, eggs and fish), fist size for your carbs (e.g. potato) and as much veggies as you like

4) You are -stereotypically – more like to do walking, cycling or running than muscle strengthening work 

TIP: Hold a squat whilst brushing your teeth today 😉

5) You’re less likely to go for the steak – when I go over and help people with their diets, I tend to see that men eat more protein than women…

which means they are more full up and less likely to make bad choices when on the go…

TIP: Get some protein in at each meal. Make it easy to eat protein: yoghurts, meats, eggs, fish, salmon and cream cheese bagels, and peanut butter with rice cakes 

But the problem with just giving tips are that we just don’t do them. Me included.

​​Without accountability, Without someone to check in with, set me tasks and tell me what to do?

I​​I just won’t do it. ​

It sounds lazy, but you don’t service your car yourself do you?

Its almost like you delegate a part of your life to free up some time

The side effects?

More energy, confidence, feel good fact, every tasks become easier, you’re fitting back into your favourite clothes and your friends and family are asking you how you did it.

^^^ which is pretty much how I am where I am today, being grateful to wake up everyday and love my job knowing I’m helping someone improve their life…

Now, I can’t say you’ll get the same results. But what I will say is that some of the messages I get really do make me excited about waking up every day (before the baby haha)

You can check out some the transformations from the other ladies and read their stories here:


Matt ‘is it me or is it hot in here?’ Fruci​

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