Food labels – keep it simple (and stupid)

Food labels might just be tricking you

Making you more confused

‘Eating’ in to whatever ‘me’ time you have left once your shopping, picking up after hubby and kids, catching up with work, the joys of domestic admin…etc…etc…

And maybe…

They even leave you accidentally driving

300 miles in the WRONG direction

^^^ Because your beloved cheese (and cheesecake) was ‘red’ for levels of FAT!

Just like the woman from Scotland, Valerie Johnson, who accidentally

Took a wrong turn, got completely lost and drove from Worcester to SCOTLAND (see the link at the bottom).

And it’s the same with the food labels you see on the packaging

Have you see those traffic lights?

Green means it’s low in sugar, salt and / or fat

Which must mean it’s good for you, right?

And when you’re in  a hurry

You just grab and go.

Well, first off

Let’s take our beloved Coco Pops ignoring the traffic light signals completely and just using

Greyed out colours 

Then you have the ready meals and pizzas defining a portion as a ‘sliver’ (like my mother-in-law would call it)

And – finally – you then have to consider that you eat FOOD and MEALS…

And NOT nutrients, right?

Which brings me back to my beloved cheese

You see, the saturated fat comes up as ‘red’ on the traffic lights

Meaning that you think it’s a ‘bad food’

But researchers are now calling for a rethink…hallelujah!

You see, if you judge cheese by it’s saturated fat and salt…

You’d probably drive 300 miles in the other direction to get away from the thing

Because of what you’ve been told about heart disease, diabetes and FAT

But when eating CHEESE is researched, it seems to be protective against Type 2 diabetes and heart disease…

With the researchers pointing to the beneficial bacteria, minerals and active ingredients in cheese

Which leads me back to this:

You don’t have to fear ‘bad’ foods

And drive 300 miles away from them through fear of piling the weight on

Because they don’t (really) exist

There are only ‘good’ or ‘bad’ diets

And this is exactly why my Fruci Fit Nutrition System in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Allows you to eat the foods (including cheese and cheesecake) cake you and your family LOVE

Enjoy the subtle and bubbly charms of prosecco

and STILL fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes

It really is more simple than you think with my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

And you can apply to see if you’d be a good fit by going here


Drive 300 miles in the other direction, as this woman did:

Matt ‘always use a sat nav’ Fruci

Smart Body Transformations For Busy Mums That Want To Get Their ‘Me’ Time Back

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