Dieting lessons from baby number 20

Before Mrs Fruci has a nervous breakdown

And thinks that I’ve got my 20th baby on the way

I just want to clarify that

I’m taking about the Radford family

who are expecting their 20th kid

Crazy, right?

I’ve only just got used to turning my boxers inside out because the ‘baby wash’ takes 3 hours

^^^ I joke

Yet the Radfords are going through 12 wash loads a day

They go through 18 pints of milk, 3 litres of juice and 3 boxes of cereal every, single day!

And all this whilst running a family Bakery business

where the dad works 11-hour shifts…

Can you imagine how organised they must have to be?

For the chaos of the school runs?

The military operation – that is – breakfast…

busier than a curry house on a Saturday night?

My point?

Unless you have a plan

You will go straight into reactive mode

^^^ which is drains your energy and  so-called ‘willpower’ you blame that failed diet on

And leaves you feeling like you just don’t have time for you

Which is exactly why I show you exactly why you’re not where you want to be with your energy, sleep, and diet

And devise a strategy with you so you can fit back into your favourite clothes – for good

In my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Taking the stress out of wondering what and when to eat

The worry about whether ‘this food’ is healthy enough for you and your family

So you get your ME time back

Avoid the chaos

And make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about your food choice

^^^ which soon become the habits that help you ditch the baggy clothes once and for all

I’ve got a 7 day free trial starting W/C Monday 12th June

To apply

Go here:

Matt ‘we’re happy with the 1 baby…for now’ Fruci

Fruci Fit
Helping You Wake Up Full Of Energy…Whether You’ve Got 1 or 20

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