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Food anxiety & ‘bad’ foods (video)

I caught up with Katie Peace yesterday

(who is our yoga / stretchology coach on our Fit For Life Programme)

To talk about:

*Tried and tested strategies that might help with binge eating disorder and comfort eating

*Her experience with an eating disorder (and where she is now compared to 2 years ago)

*Why ‘looking’ a certain way does not always = happiness  

*Fussy eaters and getting kids to eat more of a variety of foods

*How to overcome the fear of ‘foods that will make me fat’

*Weight watchers and their app for kids…

*What to do if you think ‘I am not fit enough to do it’

And a whole lot more…

You can watch the video interview HERE

Or if you are busy?

You can listen to it on my podcast using the links below:

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