“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week”

An update I got from Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, the other week:

“I have been fitting in size 12 clothes this week.

​​Found yet another vacuum bag in a suitcase with more clothes!!

​​Some I am not quite into but it won’t be long.

​​​And today I have cleared out everything that I own that is size 16 and above!!I keep looking back at where I started.”

My favourite part?

​”​​​Blows me away constantly and inspires me to go further.

​​I was a size 20 in that 1st photo. Size 14 in the last. And this week I can get into some size 12 clothes I have dug out.”

Because ​when you look back, this gives you the CONFIDENCE to have the courage to continue and do the things that you know will get you the things you say you want…once and for all!

Just like we do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme 

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