Capable of more than you think?

Time is flying…and before I know it, 2018 will be here and It’ll be time to face the 125 mile canoe marathon from Devizes to Westminster. I’m still absolutely $#*! scared…Despite upping my training.

It didn’t help reading a book saying how people in the military have given up and failed to finish. ​​​I’ve being doing my research, looked in to how best to get ready for this, and will now have access to knowledgable people who’ve completed it many times before. 

And just by shifting my mindset to focusing on the people who HAVE completed it before (rather than the ones who haven’t), has boosted my motivation and made me train SMARTER<<< which in turn will get me fitter, right?

But – i’ll admit – just like starting a new diet or exercise programme, it’s scary:

​​​ “what if I’m not fit enough?”, “What if it’s not the right time?” “What if I just give up half way round. What will others think?”

Yep, I have these thoughts, too. But this might shock you and make you think twice about these thoughts that stop you -and me – doing the things we need to do to get the things we say we want…

in 2014, there was study in humans showing that those who practiced visualisation (also known as 3rd eye meditation), were exposed to ice-cold water (0-1 degrees C), and practiced breathing techniques…were able to influence their immune system and nervous system.

They were able to reduce the expected inflammatory responses after being injected with certain bacteria – which would usually cause  flu-like symptoms – compared to the group who didn’t practice the meditation  exposure to cold water and breathing techniques. The researchers even suggested that such methods could be used to help treat autoimmune conditions (like coeliac disease)…

My point?

What are you really capable of doing if you believe you can do it?

I don’t normally go all WOOWOO on you. But if you just consider the simple things that make you feel good. Like when your favourite song comes on the radio (What do you mean by  Justin Bieber)? You feel good, right? Maybe you smile and – as a result – are more fun to be around and maybe you don’t have to turn to food to get your ‘pick me up’? ​​​

I’m not saying go and jump in freezing cold water, don’t worry. But I do wonder what me and you could be capable of if we just learn to STAY CALM in situations where we’d normally lose our $#*!, give up or not even bother starting?

Or perhaps do what you want to do to get the things you say you want despite the opinions and fears of others?

That’s all got for you!

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