I gave my daughter 3 teaspoons of sugar

I’ll admit. When I’m travelling out and about, I sometimes find it easier to pick up food on the go rather than prep stuff. Especially in the Summer, as I can’t exactly leave food in the car all day and – quite frankly – sometimes I just don’t want to prepare my food in advance (I’d rather play with my daughter).

And it’s no different with my daughter. When we’re at home, I’ll prepare my signature ‘hand-selected’ dish of homemade avocado, banana and sweet potato for her 🙂 But when we’re out and about, it can be more convenient and ‘safer’ from a food hygiene point of view, to grab something on the go.

Now, just like your parents did to you when they weaned you…be it by feeding you whatever they had for their dinner, baby rice or fruit and veg….They’d have probably fed up a good few teaspoons of sugar!​​

I don’t know if you saw it. But in the news the other day (the Daily Mail. Is that news or gossip?), they came out and said that some of ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ baby food pouches contain more than 3 teaspoons of sugar…

As you can imagine, mums and grandma’s across the UK switched into panic mode, especially as these organic, nothing but fruit, veg and lemon juice, pouches are a favourite amongst mums and grandmas. 

So, should you be panicking and does this mean they are ‘unhealthy’?

I’m going to debunk this for you in 2 simple points:

1) Sugar is ‘naturally occurring’ in fruit so if you JUST look at teaspoons of sugar and don’t consider the overall picture (the fibre and nutrients in fruit). Even breast milk contains about 2 teaspoons of sugar in 100ml. Does that mean breast milk is bad?

2) “I thought sugar is sugar so it’s just best to avoid it all” <<< I get this a lot. Now, sugar IS sugar. All bread, potatoes, pasta, fruit, coca cola, Haribo and cereal type foods are broken down ​​​to SUGAR! The reason fizzy drinks and sweets are demonised is because they contain ‘added sugars’ AKA they’ve added sugar to make it super sweet and luscious to our taste buds which makes it harder for us to stop…and we eat MORE!

Does this mean you have to give up ‘processed foods’ with added sugar? No! But, you just have to be mindful and TAKE CONTROL​​​ of your overall food intake!

Just like I teach you in my Fat Loss Mastery ​​​Body Transformation so you understand your triggers and take back control of your so-called ‘sugar addiction’…

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