Feel like giving up? (consider this)

So we have all been there.

Feel like ‘it’s not worth the effort’

“nothing is working”

“It must be me”

I get it…

I have felt like that many times before…

Not just with fitness and food

But also public speaking job applications (applied for SOOO many graduate jobs years ago)

It’s frustrating..

But when it comes to ‘weight loss’

And ‘health’

We often go into ‘I have failed’ mode

If the scales don’t go our way…

Forgetting the FACT

That some of the ladies HERE

(many of whom who have completely transformed their body, mind and habits)

Didn’t actually lose that much weight when you look at it weekly…

Literally, they may have averaged 0.5lbs a week at times.

But you know their secret?

They found something they can do and stick to…

So there is no end point…

And you know what?

Regardless of weight loss

If you’re exercising ?

Making better choices with your food?

Not being so damn hard on yourself all of the time?

You might just find that something else changes…

Like your energy?

Blood pressure?


How you feel?

And I’m not too sure that there is anything more important than how you feel…

Especially as it impacts what you DO and the RESULTS you get…

I talk about this more HERE in this video 

If you’d like to carry on the conversation ☺

Let me know your thoughts in the comment! 

After all, what if you gave up today

But were just one day away from getting the results you want…?

Matt ‘one day away’ Fruci

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