‘I feel bloated after every meal’

As you know, anything to do with the gut (including farting / poo) gets me pretty excited

I’ve known this ever since my primary school days

Because a fart – be it in a lift or in the comfort of your own home – not only makes you laugh and / or frown in disgust 

But also tells us a lot about the health of your gut and – perhaps – your diet.  

And – in my opinion – research into the gut is going to lead to some pretty ground-breaking stuff 

Your hormones, weight loss, allergies, intolerances, bloating, sleep, stress, immune system, hunger, skin, hair, and how you handle calories, sugar, protein, and fat…

Seem to all be impacted by the health of your gut. 

And it’s time you take note of this. 

Just like I did a fair few years back. 

Going from:

* Having sudden urges to use the bathroom after eating (not convenient for your social life). I would poo about 4-5 times a day (no lie. It’s no wonder I was so ‘busy’ and ‘didn’t have time’)

* Wondering why I had such bad skin – spots and flaky skin (despite using Liz Earle and throwing down all of the antibiotics given to me…)

* Feeling bloated even though I thought I was eating ‘healthily’ (even the ‘superfood’ oats, brown rice, and brown bread made me bloated)

* Relying on coffee to get me through the day (I was literally so tired by 3pm, with a lack of absorption – not intake – of nutrients, including Vitamin B12, to blame)


* No longer feeling bloated after eating (which means I no longer have a stomach that makes weird noises whilst talking with clients. I used to have to cough to cover it…).

* Clearer skin and no reliance on creams or antibiotics for my skin (unless the wife has some fancy cream laying around. I’ll sometimes give it a try and see if it makes me look ’10 years younger’)

* Normal bowels (which means I have more time in my day…)

* More energy (I now only have one caffeinated coffee a day. And not because I ‘need it’. The rest of the time I have decaffeinated. I sleep better, too!)

And all this just from investigating how different types of foods impact me. 

For example, I have an allergy to wheat and gluten

^^^ Bread, pasta, cereal, oats etc.

I don’t get on great with high lactose dairy (especially, milk)


Struggle a bit with carbs that are hard to breakdown if I overeat them

You see, highly fermentable foods can also cause bloating and aggravate IBS. 

And this is something I’m going to go over in this weeks VIP seminar (which you can gain access to by going here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/)

Here’s what I’m going to going through:

* The foods that you think are ‘healthy’ which may be making you feel bloated

* What you can do with your carbohydrate and fibre intake to help ditch the bloating

* How to overcome constipation and get things moving

* My simple piece of advice to help you optimise your gut!

* Plus, answers to questions from other members on everything from carbs and fats to poo and menstrual cycles…

Speak soon,


PS. Have you ever noticed how you feel after restricting a certain type of food?

Have you ever tracked it?

Seen any patterns?

If so, what is it?

Reply with the type of food you restricted and how you felt and I’ll try to explain how this might be working.

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