Dieting lessons from Jelly Tots

It would be someone’s birthday at primary school. 

The ritual was that the’ birthday kid’ had to bring in a big bag of sweets to hand out at the door after a long, stressful day doing times tables and painting (remember those days?)

And I loved it.

I’d be hoping and praying that they’d have…

My favourite…

Jelly tots

From time to time, there would be mini packets of them mixed in amongst other – less satisfying (in my opinion) – sweet treats.

To get what I wanted, I either had to get to the front of the queue or just hope there were some left.

And believe it or not…

Somewhere in here is a message that relates to your weight loss, getting that more toned look, feeling more confident about yourself, and…life!

Because have you ever slowed down and thought about what you REALLY want?

You see, we’ve got sooo many options available to us in today’s society

^^^ Too many options in my opinion

That it becomes a case of just ‘picking’ something that ‘seems good’

Maybe the best of a bad bunch

^^^ Trump vs. Hilary springs to mind…

Rather than something that you REALLY want. 

I mean, I love the idea of getting up early and going for a long bike ride

Maybe training for a triathlon

But – FOR ME – I hate being cold (I know, I know, excuses)

Cycling on roads makes me a little nervous (forgive me…)

And I don’t actually have a bike right now


Dora (my black lab…) needs to be walked (or I’ll have no furniture left) and I find this relaxing and fun

It sets me up for the day.

Allows me to think about the tasks I need to do (and to reflect on what I’m grateful for…the fact I can walk, see, hear, use my muscles, get stronger, have a wife, a great family, friends, awesome clients who I love working with, and that I am able to help educate you so you can make better-informed decisions about the foods you eat which can have a huge impact on…your life and happiness)

And this all means that I don’t need to motivate myself to do it because I just want to do it!

Because here’s the thing.

Once the honeymoon period is over in whatever you’re doing (and how this is making you feel)

Are you going to keep doing it?


Are you going to hop on to the next diet or exercise trend because it wasn’t actually what you really wanted? 

^^^ I see that BooTea is literally half price in Holland & Barrett every time I walk past

I mean, I used to run (did a fair few half marathons ‘in my time’)

But I didn’t really enjoy it. 

It gave me sore knees

And I needed 5 coffees and the thought of a CARB load (because that’s what you’re told to do so you have the ‘energy’, right?) to get out there. 

Because I didn’t want to be a runner.

I just did it because other people were doing it.

It was trendy.

You were supposed to run.

Really, I just wanted to be lean, have a great social life and enjoy my food.

But I did learn a valuable lesson (there’s a positive in every setback…)

I wouldn’t have known how running would make me feel if I wouldn’t have tried it. 

If I’d have sat there and researched about how running MAY cause bad knees and that it may not be enjoyable for everyone…

I may have just not done it (we always look for reasons NOT to do things, right?)

^^^ Ohhhh my friend didn’t enjoy it when she went there. 

“Ooohhh don’t lose too much weight” (a comment a member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme got last week…)


I experienced this. 

And I now understand what might be good for your dodgy knees (as I had to go through this myself) and that doing what you enjoy (be it the process and / or the consequence) will increase the chances of you getting what you REALLY want long-term (rather than Trump or Hilary…)

I do even go runs…occasionally 

^^^ but only if I want to (maybe if I’m in a different area, holiday, seeing family / friends or just fancy getting the lungs going…)

So just slow down and ask yourself if the thing you’re doing or working towards is actually the thing YOU want?

Do you want to be a runner?

Do you want to be the next Bradley Wiggins?

Do you want to sit on a cardio machine in a gym for 30 minutes because this ‘burns fat’?


Do you just want to feel more confident about the way you look, have more energy, and know how to be flexible with the foods you eat so you can enjoy your food and fit back into your favourite clothes?

Learn what foods make you feel GREAT.

Help you control your hunger, enable you to enjoy social situations, and develop a better relationship with food

Just like many of the members on my Fit for Life Body Transformation Programme do

Speak soon,


PS.  Did you know that jelly tots were invented by Dr Boffey when he was trying to produce powdered jelly that set instantly? 

He failed.

But this ‘failure’ AKA ‘collateral damage’ resulted in tiny droplets, now known as Jelly Tots!

So, I guess, it comes back down to DOING!

And if what you’re doing is enjoyable and getting you closer to what you really want…you’re more likely to keep doing it AND…

Get what you REALLY want (Jelly Tots, in my case)

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