F the scales…

If they go down, you cheer and celebrate. If they go up, you’re pi55ed off..

But what if you were doing some exercise and eating ‘well’ & the scales staying the same or going up was actually a good thing? Can this be possible?

^^^ Despite what the Slimming Clubs tell you

Well, if you’re talking about ageing well, long term health conditions and metabolic health, your chances of staying independent rather than being dependent on a carer, how easy it is to do everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs, and how you fit you clothes…

Then maybe the scales staying the same or going isn’t a bad thing…

This is because ageing well may be related with your muscle strength, After all, if you’re stronger and everyday tasks are easier? You’ll probably do more and it’ll be easier to get in shape, anyway.

The main problem?

1) Yoyo dieting and focusing on the scales over the years may mean that you’ve lost muscle and put on more fat when the weight has come back on (even though your weight may not be too much higher)

AKA you focus on losing ‘weight’ and not BODY FAT…​​

2) You FORGET that the scales may actually go up or stay the same (short term) even when:

* Eating more veggies and fruits (due to the fibre which can bloat you)

* Drinking more water (even though your body will eventually balance this is out)

​​​​* You’re in a calorie deficit (yep, even though you get the basics right, your ‘ weight’ may not go down in a linear way…expect ups and downs but it is the trend that counts)

* You don’t sleep enough (water retention, stress and the fact this may actually mean you eat more and don’y have the energy to move as much…)

* You ate later than normal and have more food in your digestive system (which is ‘weight’​​​​)

* You started a new exercise programme which promotes muscle tone and shape which helps you feel lighter (but not necessary on the scales)


that fat loss might be linear BUT weight loss is NOT…

due to the reasons above

​PLUS the menstrual cycle, medications and – perhaps – the whoooosh effect…which is essentially where fat cells fill up with water so even though you lose ‘body fat’ it might not show in your measurements or on the scale short term…

And all of the above reasons often lead to the ‘F it, it’s not working” and not doing the things you know will get you the results you want..

Sometimes, the secret is simply time…​​​​​​​

Remember, the scales are ONE measure. Useful. But not worth deciding how you feel, your mood and who you are that day about..

I mean, isnt it crazy how this ‘number’ can define YOU for the rest of the day?
The foods you eat…
How snappy you are with your other half for not putting the bins out…
How frustrated you get with the kids…
How annoyed you get your friend for not messaging you back even though it CLEARLY says that have ‘read’ it…
there’s more to life than that ‘number’ 

Although most people come to me to ‘lose weight’, most of the time they actually mean feel more confident about themselves, enjoy clothes shopping, age healthily and make everyday tasks easier…

Not to mention​​
 have more energy & enjoy time with loved ones..

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