“Don’t ring them, they might cancel their gym membership”

This only became apparent about 6 years ago when I was meeting someone in a commercial gym…when she said she felt intimidated, anxious and panicky being in this commercial gym…

Like everyone was looking at her. So we then went to meet in a coffee shop instead.

But let me rephrase this: Someone who WANTED to improve their health and fitness went to a place which is SUPPOSED to help them improve their health and fitness..

Yet it made them feel anxious…

And actually put them off even more…

It was at this moment that I realised how messed up this fitness industry is.

50% of diet books aren’t opened

£558 million a year is wasted on unused gym memberships

and 11%  of Brits said they haven’t used their gym memberships in a year.

And you know the worst thing?

Commercial gyms telling their staff NOT to ring members who haven’t been for a while just in case you remind them to cancel…

They literally do not care about your results. 

Maybe its because they just give you access to shiny, equipment.

Which is a bit like being given a load of car parts and expecting to have a car…

And I get it.

I’ve been on so many coaching courses, programmes and to events where I’ve got loads of amazing information…

But done NOTHING with it. 2 years ago I spent £300 on a day event. Great networking. Great information..

I put a plan together.

Stuck to it for 2 weeks solid. Then I noticed the odd day I’d just slip back into my old ways.


Well, it’s actually quite simple.

I NEED someone to give me a polite kick up the bum every now and then. To check in on me…and keep me accountable. ​

Especially when I’m at the stage where I need discipline to do the things that I know I need to do to get the results I want when motivation goes DOWN…

(As It will…)

I need someone to help me put together some kind of strategy that helps ME take responsibility for my happiness, productivity, how I feel, fitness, ​diet, and habits…

To help me understand why I have ended up in the position I currently am…

What am I doing?

What am I putting in my mouth?

What am I thinking?

What are my go to habits?

And this is powerful because it allows YOU to come up with the strategy so it is personalised for YOU…

As you know what to do. you know what truly will make you happy (more than I do…)

So, if you need help?

Well, firstly, look at what you are doing that has led to you being where you are right now and look for the smallest possible change…TODAY


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