Exercising only helps 5% of us lose weight

Only 5% of us exercise enough

to have any impact on weight loss…

^^ and, yes, this is coming from a Nutritionist and TRAINER


Well, you just have to look at my daughter’s reaction to when she sees me doing a 5 minute exercise round…

She’s fascinated…almost confused.

Because it’s even more ‘alien’ to her than seeing me eat with a knife and fork…

My point?

It’s actually a very UNNATURAL thing to leave your house for something you DO NOT enjoy

Get changed in a sweaty gym

Get blasted by a guy in lycra who knows nothing about your exercise history, lifestyle, or the fact it’s your first time there…

Not be able to move for a whole week

And dread doing it all over again…

You see, you’re not lazy

You’re just in line with 95% of the population 

Who are thinking of FUN stuff to do in the evening with your family rather than spending 2 hours in a gym (the average time spent travelling to the gym, exercising, showering in a gym and travelling home)

Panicking about what’s for dinner (which my nutrition system takes care of for you)

How you’re going to get through the bucket load of washing that HAS to be done (especially in my case…that baby wash takes nearly 3 hours!!!)

Walking your dog (if Dora, my black lab, isn’t walked…I can say goodbye to shoes, sofa’s, chairs)

Getting just 5 minutes to have some ‘ME’ time…which usually gets taken over by…WORK!

Oh, and not to mention spending some quality time with hubby…

And guess what?

All this stuff your sacrificing to exercise…

only has a 5% chance of helping you tone up the bingo wings, ditch the stomach fat and fit back into your favourite clothes 

All because:

1) It drains your willpower because you DON’T enjoy it and would rather do other things so can’t stick to it

2) It can make you EAT more and compensate if you feel too drained…

3) It can make you SIT more and move LESS throughout the day…so you undo all that hard work..

The solutions we use in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme?

1) Develop a bespoke nutritional strategy that fits your busy lifestyle so you can fit back into your favourite clothes, eat the foods you enjoy and spend more time with your family and friends (rather than in a sweaty gym)

Without even going to a gym if you don’t want to!

2) Start with 3 minutes of exercise:

Not that this in itself will help you shrink your waistline

But because it COULD shift your mindset

Help you make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about your food choices, perhaps?

Help you to be more SELFISH so you be more SELFLESS

^^ You know, less irritable with loved ones, less likely to reach for the biscuit tin to make you feel better, less likely to REACT and send that email you wish you never sent….

I don’t make you go from ‘zero to hero’ like Hercules.

It’s 100% your choice whether you stop after 3 minutes (and you can do pretty much all the workouts at home when suits you using my membership system >>> www.frucifit.com/homework)

Which are a little bit different to your traditional form of exercise in that we focus  making every day tasks, like shopping, climbing stairs, and domestic admin…a little  bit easier…(which also helps you include more ‘exercise’ as part of your day RATHER than going to a sweaty gym… :-))

And this leads on to another option…

Could you go for a walk and talk with the family?

I just help you prioritise what REALLY matters to you

So you can win each day

Which automatically means you win each week, month and year…

The results?

Just look in the mirror, as the members applying these simple, yet effective principles are doing here 

3) Once the momentum is built…

You are off!

Just like Cassie said last week (who’s now nearly at a 4 stone LOSS!!!)

Once you strengthen your muscles (in a way that helps you keep the fat off and ditch the baggy clothes for good…)

^^^ just like we do with the types of exercise we do in our Fat Loss Mastery Programme​​​

You start to incorporate more ‘exercise’ as part of your day that you really enjoy

Like walking and days out with the family

All because you’re stronger, fitter, and more confident!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

4) Live in the NOW-

Take care of the small tasks I set you each day with your personalised nutrition, daily habits and accountability work

Because all your fears

And worries

Are probably made up

And live in the unpredictable future

Which – if you knew – would mean you’d have won the lottery by now 😉

Some tasks for you to win today:

1) Drink a glass of water before each meal

2) Park a little bit further away in supermarkets / school / work

3) Try 3 minutes of exercise (anything you enjoy…include the family?) and if after 3 minutes, your good endorphins aren’t flowing and you want to stop..give yourself PERMISSION to stop.

^^^ And don’t think you’ve failed if you stop…it’s 3 minutes more than yesterday!

That’s it for today

Bespoke Body Transformations That Help You Ditch The Baggy Clothes For Good


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