The sweet potato myth

“I just can’t lose weight

I swapped potatoes for sweet potatoes as I know they’re supposed to be better for me

I don’t really like them

I just get them down”

^^^^ A comment I got from a new member on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme at the weekend

And I get this a lot from ladies looking to tone up and get a flat stomach.

That is…

Your BELIEF that a certain food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Truth is, by believing that sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes…

White potatoes WILL make you gain weight…

Not because they’re actually more flabbifying <<< just made up that word.

But because your belief that white potatoes are ‘bad’ for you

makes you think you failed

And results in you ‘self-sabotaging’


Reaching for the bubbly, minty Aero

And the ‘all-or-nothing’ ‘starting again on Monday’ mindset that stops you getting the results you say you want.

So I’m here to tell you that you CAN eat white potatoes and still fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes

^^^ That’s if you prefer to eat them, of course. I want you to enjoy your food…

So, guess what?

Whether you eat a sweet potato or a white potato

You’ll eat the SAME number of calories

Which means it will have ZERO different to your waistline…

But what about ‘sugar’ you ask?

Well, sweet potato actually has more ‘sugar’ in it

about 5 times the amount to be precise…

Does this mean white potatoes are ‘better’?


Sweet potato has slightly more fibre which SLOWS down the release of the sugar

Aren’t sweet potatoes more nutritious though, Matt?

Sweet potatoes have more fibre and vitamin A

You got me, there.


White potatoes are higher in iron, magnesium and potassium


Are high in resistant starch…

This has been show to be good for your gut health

^^^ which may play a role in how often you’re fighting off the Summer cold so you can stay fit and healthy for longer…rather than get the old dreaded lurgy just in time for your long-awaited, well deserved Summer holiday


The real reason why your good old white potatoes get an absolute ‘mashing’ by the Daily Mail?

Because they’ll take a bit of science that says eating FRIES and takeaways

Lead to fat gain…

whereas more fibre (AKA sweet potatoes)

Helps you fight off diabetes, ditch the jelly belly and tone up.

So, that jacket with cheese you like?

that can stay

Oh, and those spuds with your Sunday Roast?

They can stay, too​​​​​​​​​​​​

Bottom Line

Simply swapping or – as a member on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme put it – ‘FORCING down’ sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes

Will make no difference to your waistlin​​​​​​e

Of course, if you prefer sweet potatoes …eat them

I – just like the other members on my body transformation programmes – eat both

Depending on what Mrs Fruci wants AKA the boss​​​​​​

Matt ‘wannabe spud muffin’ Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Build Sustainable Nutrition Strategies So They Can Eat Their Favourite Foods And Ditch The Baggy Clothes – For Good


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