There was so much food: Eating out at the all-you-can-eat buffet

I confess…

A lot of what I preach to you and – usually – do

Went out of the window the other week

You see, me and Mrs Fruci were eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet when away at a wedding in Italy

^^^ Our daughter was just ‘chilling’ in the push chair…eyeing up her next milk fix…

and there was soooo much food

I was spoilt for choice

Did you know that a wider selection of food means you’ll eat more?

Moist and juicy steaks with a pink centre, marinated in Italian chillies and topped with olive oil

Meaty and buttery Castelvetrano Sicilian olives

^^^ the locals in Italy often think I’m from there due to my nose. My reply? I’m based in a place a little bit north of Sicily…  It’s called Wiltshire.

Moist and meaty sword fish…drowning in not just any olive oil. Olive oil with freshly squeezed lemons. Can you taste it?

And not to mention the sweet tasting creamy Gelato….on tap!

But I didn’t beat myself up about it

Because you and me are no different, here

It’s wired in you to gauge on food…especially when out at an all-you-can-eat.

And a selection of tasty food

coupled with growing up in an environment where pleasing Nonna meant polishing off 5 plates of pasta…

Doesn’t make it easy

So, here’s 5 SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED strategies you can apply

To help you take control of your MINDLESS eating when eating out (which may happen a bit more with your Summer holidays approaching):

1) Look around at the buffet FIRST before picking up a plate

2) Sit facing away from the buffet

3) Fill your first course with protein rich foods, like meats and beans, and tons of fresh veggies and salads to keep you full up

4) Drink a glass of water before each course

And my favourite:

5) SLOW DOWN and appreciate those around you –

This is one I’d often be guilty of overlooking

Obsessed with the eating

going up and down to the buffet

and barely sitting down to talk with the family like you would at a traditional sit down meal

But with our daughter, do you think I had a choice?

you see, in-between courses she might start playing up

Wanting a bit of attention (One time, Nelly the elephant dropped out of her hand and she couldn’t reach it…)

And this delayed me going back up for my NINTH course…

Allowed my hunger hormones to set it in and tell my that


And that’s it from me today!

Summer holidays are all about enjoying time with your loved ones

But this doesn’t mean you have to come back 10 lbs heavier

And ready to jump on another 10 day detox which has your kids asking you why you’re not eating….

Just as a new member on my 90-Day body Transformation Programme is finding out this week.

Matt ‘Confessions of a nutritionist’ Fruci

Helping Busy Ladies Tone Up, Ditch The Bingo Wings, And Flaunt Their Tanned, Lean, And Luscious Thighs In Their Holiday Facebook Selfies….

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