Excited to share this with patients with Type 2 diabetes today

So I’m off to deliver an education day today for patients with Type 2 diabetes at Priory Road Surgery in Swindon. 

And if there is ONE message that I want them to take away it is this:

There IS evidence that you put Type 2 diabetes into remission / get rid of it with LIFESTYLE changes that results in fat loss…

Which COULD mean:

* Reduced risk of having to take medications the rest of your life (and possible injections)

* Reduced risk of heart disease

* Reduced risk of losing limbs, sight and all that scary stuff that can come with Type 2 diabetes

So the next question becomes ‘how”?

Well, this comes down to YOU..

You see, the research shows that losing fat FAST helps


losing fat slow and steady helps.

Saturated fat does NOT cause diabetes

Just like sugar does NOT cause diabetes

It’s just that high sugar and fat foods generally taste better so we eat MORE calories which leads to more body FAT…

Now, the thats out the way, I want you to consider THIS:

You probably know what to do, right?

But maybe you have failed before. Maybe you think “I could never stick to it”. Maybe you say that ‘I’m my biggest challenge”..

That’s OK…

Because there is a version of YOU that exists right now. 

Which just like with Type 2 diabetes, can be put in remission…

So that YOU can be the version of YOU that exists right now, that can be, do and leave you looking and feeling better than you ever thought you would…

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s not a case of “I can’t”…

But who “I need to become to do this”

The habits?

The mindset?

you see, you probably know that those who seem to lose fat and keep it off stick to their exercise and eating habits most of the time.

But the secret?

When the have a bad day? They move on to the next opportunity to put it right.

After all, if you’ve had a bad day and are thinking that the multipack bag of salt and vinegar crisps will make it go away…

Well, you’ll be left with 2 problems :

1) the problem you already had

2) the problem of now feeling guilty and rubbish about feeling out of control, blaming yourself (even thought it’s jsut the thought process you have used today and can be changed tomorrow through practice…)


PS. Whenever you’re ready…
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