Fix this diet deficiency today if you’re feeling SAD

So when we brought baby number 2 (Imogen) back from the hospital last week, I noticed that they gave us something which you looked like a  ‘baby starter kit’ haha

Nappies, wipes, bum cream. All of the essentials.

But it came with something else which was pretty cool…

Some vitamin D drops for baby.

Why am I sharing this with you today?

Well, the C word (Christmas) has already been said many times.

Winter will be here in no time. Darker mornings and darker evenings are already here.

And I know​​ from what some of the ladies have said to me about their mood and motivation when the winter months come that it makes looking after YOU and your health even harder.

But the good news?

You still have 3 months left of this year to achieve more than you ever have done before. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Thats 25% of the year. Where most people wind down…

Put it off for next year.​​

​​​you see, just like when I’m feeling demotivated to workout after not getting much sleep, I start with the smallest possible effort (3 minutes and give myself permission to stop if I still don’t want to do anymore)…

And one of the first things I do when helping other ladies develop a positive relationship with food and lose weight is look for the easiest, most simple improvements I can make to their diet and habits to give them more energy and motivation.


Well, More energy >>> More likely to WANT to eat healthily and exercise >>> More likely to lose fat and tone up >>> Increased motivation >> More likely to enjoy it >>> more likely to stick to it and achieve transformational results

And ONE of the quickest ways to get more energy in my opinion? 

Looking a nutrient deficiencies.

One of which, is Vitamin D.

Did you know vitamin D is actually more like a hormone than a vitamin?

And we’re beginning to learn that it can improve our mood, immune system, IBS, bloating..I could go on..​​

Yet, we simply don’t get enough of it..

I mean, even if it is sunny, you’re often working or not outside long enough to get any..

In fact, even Australians are deficient in the “sunshine” vitamin <<< which is saying something! 

So, it’s no wonder that even Public Health are advising that you might want to supplement with it during the months of October – April 

​​Winter depression / seasonal affective disorder is a very REAL thing..​​

Actions for you:

* You can get some Vitamin D from oily fish and eggs (but not much)

* Get outside for 30 minutes today

* Walk more​​​​

* Consider supplementing with Vitamin D3

Because how you FEEL is pretty much the most important thing in determining what you do and the results you get…​​

If you’re still not feeling motivated, lacking energy and struggling to find the motivation to do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want with your body, mind and health?

We’ve got 2 spaces left on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme with the start date w/c Monday 1st October.

Learn more about our 7-Day Free Trial here:


Matt ‘​happy hormones’ Fruci
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