Why even your coffee needs a coffee!

It’s Monday and If you’re anything like me, you’ll be starting your day just like I start pretty much EVERY day…With a Coffee (Lavazza to be precise!).

And despite others telling you to ‘give up your coffee’ because it ’causes diabetes’…I’m here to tell you some of the FACTs about the nations favourite drink (excluding prosecco, of course).

Because a recent study showed that caffeine can help curb your hunger AND motivate you to move more (maybe you could call caffeine an ‘anti-obesity’ drug?)…And could even reduce the risk of liver and kidney cancers…​​​
​​​Theres MORE… a recent study showed that when diet, exercise and total fluid intake was the same…It didn’t matter whether you drank 4 cups of coffee (200ml) or 4 cups of water (200ml)

Which means: Coffee, when consumed in MODERATION, provides similar hydrating qualities to water

and there’s EVEN more…Because 3 cups of coffee per day for 3 weeks INCREASED good bacteria in the gut


^^^ Shown to boost your immune system, help you control hunger, and absorb more nutrition from food so you have more energy!
The bad news?
If you struggle to sleep at night (maybe you have a ‘latte’ on your mind <<< see what I did there?)…
^^^ and it’s not because of crying babies, snoring partners or howling dogs
You may want to:
* Limit your CAFFEINATED coffee to 3 maximum per day

* Stop drinking caffeinated coffee and tea (or eating chocolate as this contain caffeine) after 4 / 5pm!

Because depriving yourself of sleep CAN make it even harder to shift the love handles. Not just because you feel tired, become more emotional and crave sugary pick me ups to give you that ‘feel good’ hit

^^^ Which makes you blame yourself for failing
But also because you BURN calories when recovering in DEEP sleep

Tip for you today: 
Don’t be afraid to compensate with your sleep. Get some blackout curtains (it helps me and my daughter sleep straight through).
Take even 5 – 10  minutes during the day to shut your eyes

​Go to bed as early as you can…because you can blame others for waking you up early. But if you’re staying up to watch Big Brother and then feeling groggy, tired, and demotivated in the morning…

you know what to do…you just have to DO IT

Because you only get results for DONE
And that’s exactly what I guarantee in you DO in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme​
​​​​​Matt ‘the daily grind’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Enjoy Their Lattes And Fit Back Into Their Favourite Clothes – For Good!​​

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