The emergency pre Christmas slim down on autopilot?

By cooling your house and drinking apple cider vinegar?

This was a question I had the other day. 

And to be honest?

It might help you lose a 1lb or 2....which is actually a great start 🙂 so it's probably worth a shot but don't expect miracles. 

And with Christmas upon us...we are - on average - going to put on between 1- 13lbs (according to the scientific research who've followed different types of people over the Christmas period).

But what's more worrying is that obesity rates in the UK are rising FASTER than our 'friends' in the US..

So, these diet tricks like body cooling and apple cider vinegar may be good for a couple pounds, but they are no magic bullet. 

I think a better, more simple, sustainable and much more effective approach to losing unwanted body fat is a a fun fitness and tone up programme like my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down or something similar (but may be I'm a little biased...)

And my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down isn't some 'click here to instantly drop 3 dress sizes and become sexy slim' fad diet...

And it's not just a slim down programme that gives you the accountability and support from me, as well as like-minded ladies to keep you motivated and on track.

It's about building a 'diet' that helps you fit back into your favourite clothes that you can stick to...

By focussing on simple, daily habits that you can add into your day, even on your busiest most stressful day.

This is NOT me just giving you more information. As there's is already far too much of that out there. Making you confused overwhelmed, and putting off your tone slim down efforts until the 'perfect time' <<<which I know from having a baby that the perfect time doesn't exist. You adapt, be grateful for the sleepless nights and thank your lucky stars that you GET to have someone to look after, even if it is your snoring other half 😉

And I'm not going to go into much more detail on my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down now because - as I've said - too much information is boring. 

All I'll say is that it works, if you do it!

^^^ Which is why I'll give you your money back if you do everything I ask of you, report back, and don't think you're any closer to your goals. Because if I can't promise this? Well, I simply don't deserve your money as I'm not doing my job.

And the best part?

If you can do it now? In the lead up to Christmas. When usually you'd put on 1 -13lbs? When can't you do it? 

Worried about failing again?

Well, all these habits are based on the science as well my experiences helping tons of other ladies lose weight and tone up without giving up their favourite foods. And the research shows that if you stick to these habits? Well, each one will result in a 1lb of FAT LOSS. 

And then there's the ripple FAT LOSS effect....

If this sounds like something YOU could use

Click on the link below:

And we'll see if you're a good fit


PS. The start date for my 14-Day Pre Christmas Slim Down is Monday 4th December. 


If you enrol now? 

You'll profit from instant access to my Fruci Fit tone up app that gives you super quick and effective tummy slimming workouts (with video demonstrations) so you can fit it in even on your busiest, most stressful days...even if you only have 5 minutes (£49 value)

Learn more here:

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