1 Superfood No One Is Talking About

My hand seems to have a mind of its own when I'm around this food.

And if you know me well? 

You'll know it's peanut butter. 

It's my trigger food. I could literally go through a pot with a spoon (or just my finger...).  

But the interesting thing about this is that peanut butter is generally seen as a 'health food'. Just like wholegrain cereals, bread, peanuts, and pasta...

Yet, these are just some of the foods that ladies using my Tone Up System say they almost can't control themselves around.

Now, I get that biscuits and crisps have the 'once you pop, you can't stop' effect on you. The saltiness, sugar, fat and convenience of the food make us want more (they invest millions trying to 'trick' us into eating more...)

But the thing with the 'health foods' shows that there's more to emotional eating than just 'taste'. After all, if you really had a sugar addiction , you'd be spooning the stuff straight out of bag...

And the scientists back this up, showing that it's nearly always linked back to fun times in your life. It could be a childhood memory where you fell over and your parents gave you some Reeses Peanut Butter Cupcakes?

It could be that when you see the purple Quality Street wrapper (which is definitely the best flavour by the way) it reminds you of Christmas, being sat around the TV, relaxed, stress-free and being HAPPY. 

Which makes you crave the food more than the taste itself. 

You see, when you're shopping, your brain links these experiences up to make you want the food even more...


There seems to be ONE super duper  food that may help with this...

Ready for it?

Chewing gum!!!

Yep, not only is it good for dental health...but it can also disrupt your imagination of eating the food when you see the wrapper / food in the supermarket. All because the minty taste is pretty off putting. 

and I remember back when I was kid. Forced to brush my teeth before breakfast, I'd never want the orange juice. 

and while we're at it, I'm going to give you 6 snacky foods that slow you down and make you think twice about whether you're actually hungry or not:

1) Chestnuts - I love chestnuts. But the fact I have to roast them and peel them? Well, it means I have to be in the mood for it. I can't just spoon it out of the jar like the peanut butter...and after all, we are wired - as humans - to eat the highest calories, most convenient foods. 

2) Cheese strings - It reminds me of being a kid again...you have a whale of a time stringing the cheese and they're perfectly portioned for you so you don't mindlessly finish a block of cheese (you could use BabyBels)

3) Multipack crisps rather than the 'share bags' - Even if you finish the packet....you'll eat less than if you're eating out of a share bag...

4) The Cereal variety packs - remember them? Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Frosties, Coco Pops...all perfectly Portioned (and the same applies to the porridge sachets too) so if you do find yourself eating out of the packet for a 'healthy wholegrain' snack as they say...it will slow you down!

5) The ProperCorn Popcorn variety packs - coconut, peanut  butter flavour popcorn...I'm in heaven. Nicely portioned, too, so it might just help you mindlessly tone up and lose unwanted fat

6) Sliced bread...in the freezer - Rather than buy the fresh loaf that YOU have to cut (which means you'll cut more), try to get it sliced at the supermarket or buy sliced bread. Put it in the freezer so you have to defrost it before...​​see if this helps you trick yourself slim...

^^^ All from small improvements...

That'a all from me today...


I have a pretty exciting announcement coming up that you won't want to miss out on if you're ready to slim down and lose weight without missing out on your yummy Christmas food...

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