I became 60% less H-Angry

Before I stopped letting my 'diet' take over my life, I used to literally waste hours having to prepare ALL of my food (I literally wouldn't buy anything on the go...)

To the extent that Mrs Fruci would have to ask me if I packed my meals before a day trip out to stop me getting H-Angry (which is the combination of being hungry and angry...)

^^^ You could say I was good practice for having our baby and puppy...

I was obsessive, and it took over mine and my family's life.  But thankfully, Mrs Fruci failed to realise that life may have been greener on the other side 😉 and - of course- I completely improved my relationship with food.

But - still today - beating 'sugar cravings', 'hunger', 'eating my emotions' are some of the main challenges that ladies come to with when trying to slim down and lose weight. 

Now, I'm not going to talk about what hunger actually is as I'll be here all day...(so I'll save that for another day).

But what I will say is that hunger is much more complex than just 'I need food for energy'...

It's based on your sleep, stress, hormones, surroundings, friends and family behaviours, and...

Nutritional DEFICIENCIES <<< which is something I focus on STRAIGHT AWAY to get you on to an easy, quick win to help you boost your moods (so you have more motivation to do more things you'd like to do), ease your aching joints, and create a rippling FAT BURNING effect...

You see, the scientists showed the power of nutritional deficiencies by giving prison inmates an omega 3 fish oil capsule.

What happened?

Well, violent behaviour went down by 60% ..

And they found similar effects with those with attention deficit disorders.

Maybe you could try giving it to your co-workers? 😉

And you're probably thinking that you 'eat right' anyway so you must be 'OK'. 

But the research shows that even those following strict and so-called' healthy diets like the 'clean eating diet', 'the vegan diet', 'the counting syns and points diet' and the 'caveman / paleo' diet...were still deficient in certain nutrients.

Which is why your first task is to eliminate any nutritional deficiencies in your diet in my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim down.

Here's how it works:

Step One: Eliminate deficiency 

Step Two: Increase your motivation to move, eat well, and feel good

Step Three: you find it easier to follow YOUR plan that you create (which I help you create so it fits your lifestyle even with Christmas upon us)

Like I said before, my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim Down isn't just MORE information thrown at you. 

It's the basics broken down into easily digestible, bitesize chunks so you can put your toning up on autopilot and do the basics even on your busiest, most stressful day (all from support and accountability from me and like-minded ladies to keep you motivated and on track)

If this sounds of interest to you, I'll walk you through step-by-step EXACTLY how you can do it here:


Matt 'H-angry' Fruci
Fruci Fit

PS. Because you get a personal 1-to-1 coaching session with me where I give you a personalised strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it (£99 value)...I do have limited spaces on my 14-day Pre Christmas Slim

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