Diet lessons from my bag for life

Ever taken your bin bag out of your bin to find splits and bin juice dripping out? Get a split just as you go taking the bag out? First world problem, I know.. I think the only winner in this situation is my dog……

But just the other day, a member on my body transformation programme said something that made me think differently about this:

“We just use bags for life as out bin bags. They don’t split so I don’t end up using 2..”

You see, I never thought about this (maybe you have already, I don’t know). But my point is that I was so set in my ways that you had to have bin bag for a bin…that I didn’t even consider this.

And it’s no different when it comes to this losing weight and toning up game. I get ladies coming to assuming that:

* If you skip breakfast your body goes into starvation mode and means you store loads of fat

* You have can only eat low GI, wholegrain foods as they are slower digesting (What if I told you that putting butter on your white bread would slow down the release of energy from your bread like seeded bread does?)

* You can’t eat carbs after 6pm as it they will be stored as fat unless you are exercising (I – the Registered Nutritionist –  believed this, too. So, I can’t blame you)

* You can eat as many ‘healthy fats’ as you like because they are ‘healthy fats’ ​​

* You have to ‘give up’ your prosseco and cheesecake​​​

* You have to spend hours in a sweaty, intimidating gym…

You see, all the above CAN work. But it comes down to CONTEXT. AKA does breakfast suit your lifestyle? What if you have breakfast an hour after waking? What if you want to eat more of your carbs in the evening with your family when you’ve finally got 2 minutes to sit down and relax rather than scoffing them down on the go?

And these are just some of the things we go through in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme to help you think differently about the way you diet, build a nutritional strategy to last, and tone up once and for all so you can fit back into your favourite clothes without spending hours in a gym or feeling guilty about eating a so-called ‘bad’ food.

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